Dec. 3rd, 2007 10:00 am
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First off - Golden Compass review later on today. The only thing I've got to say right now is IOREK!!!!

Got my Nats grade if I don't take the final - B. Seeing as I'd have to get over a 100 on it to get an A - I'm not going to bother with the final. Sweet, sweet relief... Also means I don't need to go to class this week.

B+ on my Spanish Medieval paper, which was a pleasant surprise. She'd made mention of how they weren't what she was hoping for, and then I get that. Woot!

Other than that - not much. I recently got into PvP in Wow. It's kind of addicting, and when I get home tonight I'm picking up a new wand. The only green I've now got is a trinket. I'm kind of proud, as I'm also decently on my way to new gear. Tonight's got some arena thrown in - asses will be handed to us on shiny silver platters. But Candarian Demon Moose will prevail!

No - I don't have issues. I also need to remember to fiddle with Vent. The new version doesn't seem too keen on Alia.

The weekend though was spent goofing off mostly. [ profile] domnall went into work on Saturday, and then we saw The Golden Compass. Sunday was just hanging around, some WoW, and then a bit of Christmas shopping - mostly done now. Kind of nice to just sit down and calm down.


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