Apr. 20th, 2014 07:21 am
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Yesterday was a good day. Ryan and I both got up a bit later than usual, then futzed about on Diablo III (shut up...) for quite some time. Bathed the pugs and then headed out. Dragoon for beer and poutine, followed by Tap and Bottle for some bottles to have at home, Barnes and Noble (walked out with some anthologies - Lovecraft's Monsters and some Ishiguro, who I keep meaning to read - and a few DVDs on sale), and wrapped up the evening with a Panama Geisha tasting at Savaya. (I've wanted to try that coffee for months. I just can't justify even a partial on the high price-tag...)

Savaya was good. Coffee people and beer people seem to be intertwined - start talking one and inevitably you end up with the other. In the course of Tap and Bottle and Savaya, had conversations on brewing and coffee and mead and food trucks and an invitation to Savaya's warehouse and cards for a new place that'll be opening soon with a large cocktail menu...

I realize that, to an extent, this is all perhaps terribly cliche 'hipster', but oddly enough, I'm quite fine with it. It makes me happy, and feel like I'm at least somewhat active outside my house. Makes up for the random creative funk I'm in.

Today, there's work and laundry. Ryan's got to get stuff packed for Phoenix (he's going up for a work thing on Tuesday/Wednesday, leaving after work Monday) and there shall be F1 later. I cannot complain.
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Ah, life, it goes.

Got the new schedule for the next six months at work. Yes, I get up disgustingly early (start at 4 am), but the advantages are that I get Thursday, Friday, and Sunday off, and for at least part of the time I'll get a shift differential of 15%.

This is good and makes me happy. Very happy.

I'm continuing to work at a goal that is coming to be somewhat obsessive, which is management. This means looking at metrics that I'm not even sure will have any sort of bearing on anything, but it does give me something to focus on. This is proving to be, in a dark way, highly amusing.

In other news, Ryan and I have been working on the house, sorting things out and making plans. It's going pretty well.

And soon, there is a household meeting. We're not even officially part of said household, but we've reached the point where everyone thinks we are, resulting in much amusement. And glaring. And lots of the raised eyebrow or look that says 'duh' from my laurel... One could argue that actually showing up to this is a sign that resistance is crumbling.
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Well, 2014 is nearly upon us. It feels pretty strange, but I’m not complaining.

2013 was really good overall, despite the usual mental chaos.
-Work was overall really good. It was bit nuts, but I got moved to chat support as part of our pilot program for the method of support, but I’m pretty content there. I’m actually not doing all that bad.
-SCA was good. We went to Pennsic for the first time, which was awesome. I won Baronial Arts and Sciences (then dropped off the face of the earth, it feels like. Really, work got strange).
-We adopted a pair of pugs. They’re excellent little dogs and we love them to bits

The fact that I’ve got a pile of books but don’t read nearly as much as I should probably stands testament to exactly how fecked up the mental state has been at times.

2014, well, I’m trying to be realistic. In no particular order...
—Continue sorting myself out. This generally means I'd like to work on getting in better health - physically and mentally.
—Make things. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be making, just that I need to.
—Bake. Gods, I need to bake. Maybe this year I’ll tackle puff pastry, and then I’ll never feel the urge again. Or phyllo. (Ryan suggest puff. and confirmed it’s because I’m more likely to want to make/use puff a second time.)
—Work harder/more on my SCA kit (and Ryan’s)
-Tackle that book pile.

I look forward to it. We're planning on it being a bit more low-key than last year (less travel, for one), but it's going to involve a nice amount of putting things in place, I think. Overall, I think I'm going to be happy.
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ryan's coming back from texas today - he, dan, and chris went out there last week for the formula one race. i gather that a really good time was had by all. nonetheless, it's going to be really good to see him again.

while he's been out of town, life's been pretty quiet. it's calm and not too crazy, but it's been weird not having him around. there's been small bits of cleaning, and i've done scads of laundry that needed to be done (though i still need to hang up some of it. oops.)

today, dad came over to do laundry, and there was a chunk of cleaning done. by cleaning, however, i mean we got rid of a chunk of things in the arizona room, i freaked out a little, and then after he left i moved things to the alley and called the city to get a special brush and bulky cleanup because i'm not letting it sit in aforementioned alley (or the backyard) until the 9th.

then i called mike again about getting the yards destroyed by his landscaping crew. wooo!

best of all, however, was the fact that dad and i drove up to phoenix on saturday to meet a pair of pugs that we're thinking of adopting. brother and sister, they're a bonded pair who just turned 7. one fawn, one black. very friendly, good with kids and other dogs, they like car rides and adventures. medically, the boy needs eyedrops twice a day and the 'allergies' that are mentioned on aparn's site have been nonexistant since switching to grain-free food. their current foster mother has had them for two months (they spent over a year with the previous foster family and i gather it wasn't good for them in the end) and they've been awesome the whole time. got the home inspection on thursday, which should go well (library and craft room shall be declared off limits to pugs for the time being), at least i hope.

one of our good friends commented recently how when she comes to our place, she looks down, expecting dogs. while we're not actually looking for them, it's been one of those things where it sort of feels right. like it might be about time. this pair, well, it's been one of those things that it just seems like they've been waiting for us.

hopefully soon.


Nov. 11th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Southern was... really good.

It involved teaching my first class, getting properly apprenticed (which means the 'one of us' jokes have begun), generally lazing about Hrafnheim, and chatting with various people about various things.
It was, well, kind of needed and pretty awesome to just totally relax.

Of course, then I came back and lost the bag I use as a purse. Of course, only thing in it was my keychain and the only important keys on there are the house keys, so it's alright for now.

Considering today and tomorrow are all for laundry and I *know* I saw it when I was unpacking... it'll turn up, I'm sure.

I've got time and the brains (mostly) now to start working on more clothing for us. I've got a few better ideas at the moment of things that I want, and want to do, and it's overall going to work out nicely, I think.

However, I definitely need to source out wool. I need some for a plan...

Otherwise, it's been mostly good. The last few months have been pretty chaotic with work and a few bits of personal madness. But I'm now on a 4x10, and getting off work at 8 pm - with Saturday off! - which makes things much easier. The personal stuff, well, it's a long process, but I think that it may be getting under control. There's things that we're planning/working on to help. As an added bonus, I'm going up to Phoenix on Saturday with my dad (as Ryan's in Austin) to, ummm, meet a pair of pugs.
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Well, final week of this schedule. I'm going to be much happier when I'm back on something closer to normal and I can get out of the house more regularly.

I'm looking forward to time to get my head on straight and settle back into something resembling sane. I've started to notice that lately the mouth and brain don't work at the same speed (fingers keep up with brain, however, which is a relief), and consequently I'm not making sense sometimes.

Work's good. Informed my manager that I was going to be bowing out of a rotational opportunity because it wasn't where I my ultimate goal was. QA's interesting, and I think I could be really good, but I want management and I really should firmly direct my attention that way.

Otherwise, I intend to spend the next few days working on some projects I've got half-done. Life is... good.
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before/for coronation:
-finish seam finishing on second tunic
--anything else i'm needed to do for [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne
-socks for dom
-putting laces/ties on the shoes dom picked up at pennsic

before/for southern
-bag for torchlight tourney

before/for estrella
-you expect me to think that far ahead?

in other news, i've got vacation straightened out until estrella. we've done well enough this year that work's shutting down over thanksgiving longer than usual. however, some groups are open during that time, such as mine, and therefore us poor, unfortunate, souls get some special shutdown days. translation: vacation time that doesn't come out of my vacation hours.

consequently, southern crusades won't come out of my vacation and i get to go up one day earlier than planned. even better, it meant that i was able to take extra time off so i can hit polling, spring crown, and also go up to estrella a day earlier. granted, i don't know what the schedule will be in february, but it means that my ass is covered and i'm good. which, really, is a great relief.
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First off, Ryan won the Novice Tournament up in Barony of Atenveldt. I am obscenely pleased, and I know he's happy as well. It was good, and I'm glad I was there.

Wherein I ramble. )

And finally, I leave you with some Bukowski.

"–you know, I’ve either had a family, a job,
something has always been in the
but now
I’ve sold my house, I’ve found this
place, a large studio, you should see the space and
the light.
for the first time in my life I’m going to have
a place and the time to

no baby, if you’re going to create
you’re going to create whether you work
16 hours a day in a coal mine
you’re going to create in a small room with 3 children
while you’re on
you’re going to create with part of your mind and your body blown
you’re going to create blind
you’re going to create with a cat crawling up your
back while
the whole city trembles in earthquake, bombardment,
flood and fire.

baby, air and light and time and space
have nothing to do with it
and don’t create anything
except maybe a longer life to find
new excuses
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Which sounds... weird. Perhaps.


The mentail drain's getting better. I'm slowly working on projects at home, trying to keep them to one or two things at a time. I know what I'm going to be working on next, and it's a relief. Means also that Ryan's going to get some more tunics, and these will be done properly. He says he didn't notice any hindrance of movement in his crown tunic, but I think the remake's going to get a few inches still.

More importantly, we're cleaning. The house has been in some form or another of chaos for far too long, and it's time we took care of it. This means that slowly, so slowly, we're working on things. Lots to go to trash or Goodwill, and it feels nice to start putting stuff where it should have lived months ago.

In short - it's looking up. And it feels good.
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PAX is over. Crown is over.

I'm fucking drained.

This shows in more than a few things. For example, friends came over on Friday night to kidnap Ryan. (It was his birthday. I was working until 9.30 pm.) I apologized, because the house right now is a mess. Like, not total sty, but it seems to be getting there.

Chatted after with Icka, and she pointed out that the house is sort of a reflection of the mind. Mine's been either completely and utterly shut down or running on what feels like pure stress. It's not fun, and it's absolutely desperately a habit I need to break. Or something like that.

Needless to say, my dad came over to do laundry on Sunday, and we got to go through another round of talking about the house. When Ryan came home, there was another round of it, once I managed to get my head out of my ass and calm the fuck down. (It had been a bad day, and I wasn't in a good state at all...) Nonetheless, the final result of all that was that there's a clean (mostly) living room and a plan for the rest of the house.

This eases my mind and has certainly made some things better.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. I've got some projects I need/want to work on, and should probably get started. Scrolls are languishing in my case, but I've had no desire to paint any of them right now.

To finish things off, tonight I decided I could definitely get the warp off the board for the trim Ryan was making me to put on a bag for Knight Light. I swear, I followed the instructions, found video, and it still fecking failed. I'm not 100% sure where, but it did. Luckily, it's salvageable, if I put it onto another loom and do it very slowly. Just means it won't be for Knight Light.

Well, someone will get a nice new tunic with it, I've decided.

It's also likely a good sign I need sleep.
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I can see the end of the chaos, and it's nice. Added bonus, I'm seriously coming down from my period of little ball of stress. I"m hoping that going forward, we'll be seeing fewer of these, which will be more than a small relief.

With the new schedule, and a few other things, Ryan's going to be traveling a large amount for fighting. I have absolutely no problem with this, actually. I'm taking arts more seriously, he's taking fighting more seriously... it all works out.

In other news, Ryan discovered a failed pair of socks I (mostly) completed for him months ago. During try on, he told me they didn't actually fit, so they never got completely finished.. They were found, and he decided to try them on. And not the way he normally pulls on socks.

They fit.

Perfectly. I have no idea how exactly this managed to work (or indeed how putting them on differently works), but I am not complaining.


And now, off to pick up the Wookie and then it's the last PAX Prep. EEEEE!
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Here's the schedule for the next two weeks. Eeep:

8/19: dentist
8/20: fighter practice/sewing with ianuk
8/21: gaming with bill and sara
8/22: dojo (just ryan)
8/23: tabletop gaming
8/24: mace and greatsword (just ryan)
8/25: rest day
8/26: f1
8/27: fighter practice
8/28: running about like a chicken with it's head cut off
8/29-9/3: PAX Prime
9/4: probably something for ryan's birthday
9/5: rest day
9/6: ryan's birthday and gaming
9/7: crown
9/8: warlord (just ryan)

We're not doing cosplay for pax, which makes things easier. However, I've got clothing to finish for Crown. Woo! Plan is to use a gold and blue linen for my underdress, trim it in black, and make an apron dress in blue and white. Part of me wonders if it'll be too busy, but at the same time, I think it'll be ok.


Aug. 12th, 2013 07:51 pm
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doing better today.

chatted extensively with ryan and bill. the former involved sorting things out, and the latter had some very good insight into what might be going on right now. i'm feeling better about things overall, and there's some hope.

one of my teammates is willing to shift swap - it's going to be 1:30-10:30 pm, but would have thursday and friday off, instead of tuesday and wednesday. this would mean i'm using less vacation time for some things, and is a bit kinder in regards to the time other people have off.

and perhaps best... i'd be eligible for the differential. because as of right now, i admit that would make me feel better about this schedule. a little extra money is a powerful incentive. (especially when you're doing things like buying new large appliances and looking at lots of belt mounts for soft kit...)

maybe i'll luck out, and this will end up being a shift i like (as was observed by a friend). as it stands, i've resigned myself to it, and will see it through.
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kit-wise, ryan's sort of wandering towards rus, especially with the name research he's been doing lately.

i realized that there's enough trade from the western areas of europe/vikings that i don't feel like we'll look totally out of place next to each other as i stick to mostly-viking.
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It was good. Really good.

I'm really glad that we went.

For those interested, this is the photoset on Flickr.

Ryan got lots of fighting in, which was one of the goals this war. He actually didn't seem to do too badly either, though I only watched part of one tournament he was in (bad wife). But he enjoyed himself very much, and it was good to see.

I hit a few classes, and was glad I did. Should probably have gone to more, but I also did the A&S display and got to chat scribal things with some people from out of kingdom. Spent some time hanging out with friends from the East, which was awesome as well. We picked up a decent amount of things, and definitely will be working on our kits, which I look forward to.

All things said, as of now, the only downside to many things is that my schedule for the next few months sucks (weekends I don't have off, instead I get Tuesday/Wednesday), and so my attendance at multiple things will be limited. Not to mention I'm working until 9:30 pm, which limits my social life greatly... At least I've got vacation already in for PAXPrime, Southern, and Crown (which Ryan will be fighting for me in!), so those are all things to look forward to. Which greatly reduce the fact that I'm still tired and pissed off over the new schedule...


Jul. 22nd, 2013 10:46 pm
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Today was my birthday. It actually wasn't all that bad - had my performance review at work to boot.

Ryan got me two lovely books - the first is a lovely art book from a South Korean artist (along with some neat extras) and the second is a copy of Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, which is the Damien Hirst sale from 2008 at Sotheby's. I've wanted it for more than a few years. (He pointed out that I've not exactly been subtle in my desire for it, however.)

He then arrived home with cheesecake, tea cakes, and booze - specifically peppermint mocha Kahlua and really good vodka. If I don't have an utterly awesome husband, I don't know what he is. Needless to say, this stuff then went to Scribble to be devoured by scribes, which was good. I got to spend a night with friends and relaxing.

Pennsic prep goes along nicely: I've got just a bit of [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne's dress left, and I pulled most of our things that need repairing. Tomorrow's probably going to be a chunk of that, as well as finishing her hem. The complete panic has passed (and is helped by the fact that I made sure that the one cooler I was worried about has been made note of), and I think stuff is going rather better in my strange little mind.
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today was... not a good day. namely, there was a tiny meltdown for absolutely no reason. i've not had anything like this for a while and it's pretty annoying.

i've got a vague idea what caused it - several stupid things set it off, but i'm going to try not to worry too much.

consequently, let's see the good things going on right now:
-my new clothing for mideast feast is done
-ryan's clothing is almost done
-[livejournal.com profile] raventhourne's overdress is almost done
-then, it's going through everything and repairing anything that needs to be repaired for pennsic
-ryan's dropping the serger off in the next few days. i'm not the only one baffled by it
--i was originally going to tidy up all seams post-pennsic so if i keep telling myself this fact, it's much better on my sanity
-pennsic is next week. the end of next week, but next week nonetheless

right now - i've decided that i've had enough of tonight. stardust is on, i've got a tattered copy of deep secret, and a can of strongbow.

could be worse.
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I am a lazy seamstress. I will not deny this.

It's mostly that the outsides look decent, but the insides really are atrocious. Several years of last-minute sewing mean that I've taken to not worrying about how it looks inside, so long as it's done and I'm not about to tear it up into shreds. It's bothered me for one reason or another, but usually not enough to actually do something about it. Combine this with the fact that the serger's decided it hates me, and yeah... I'm lazy.

Now, in honor of the first two rules (Don't look like ass. Don't make me look like ass), I should note... they're solid and decent. Should not (and will not) look like a complete slob. From the outside, they're not bad (if I look at them), and they hold up decently.

I've decided that post-Pennsic will be the time for some serious work. (This will likely be minimal between war and PAXPrime, for which I also have quite a bit to finish.) I'd like to take everything we've got and, at the least, run it through the serger - even if that's not the ideal way to do these things, it's going to clean stuff up and I'll feel better.


Jul. 4th, 2013 07:03 pm
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went through the garb closet today and realized that we've got enough clothing to last pennsic after i finish a pair of tunics for ryan and our middle easterns.

yes, we'll be wearing things twice but i really don't care. likewise, a number of them are sort of plain... but again, they don't look terrible and they'll work nicely in the end.

overall i'm very happy at this realization right now.
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This was the type of weekend that was needed. Pretty much spent it quietly and being semi-useless. Got some SCA work done today, though, which was good.

Generally spent Thursday running some errands, and then picked up Bioshock Infinite. Which I spent a good chunk of Thursday night through Saturday afternoon playing. It's enjoyable and I'm not driving myself up the wall with it. Both of these are very good things for me.

Saturday we ended up not driving to Prescott and the event, for a few reasons. First was that we ended up needing the day to ourselves. The second was that Ryan jacked up his back at boxing on Wednesday night and generally was feeling rather blah. It ended up being a day where we hit Star Trek up (very, very, fun) and then had dinner at Hub (cocktails, food, ice cream!).

This week's looking to be quiet and calm, which is good. I'll probably get to work on some projects, or read some. I definitely should get the nomads started.

Have Friday night off with no gaming, and even though we're hitting Phoenix Comiccon on Saturday, thinking of checking to see if anyone feels like anything. ([livejournal.com profile] raventhourne, you possibly game?)


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