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Got up this morning and headed over to The Drawing Studio. I needed to get an observation in for my Art Ed class, and as I've no desire to deal with school art classes, my prof suggested them.

Duuuude. I didn't even know they existed, and now I'm thinking about possibly taking a class there or something. I sat in on a bit of a colored pencil class, which was interesting and fun. But TDS also offers 3-D, various 2-D mediums, and joy of joys printmaking.

I keep telling myself I need to start at least drawing on a more regular basis. (I've got the sketch pads and the materials... *sigh*) I think it would certainly be nice to take a class or two, even if only to jumpstart the creative bits and pieces of my brain.

As an aside, the article on Oaklawn in the times makes me all kinds of happy.
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It came up on Saturday - so, (more) for [livejournal.com profile] ysabet

Sandman sleeve with art from The Kindly Ones

Looking through his other photos, the guy has some more gorgeous Sandman-related work.

Two Things

Sep. 16th, 2008 10:13 am
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1) I am firmly convinced that Beautiful Inside My Head Forever, Hirst's 2 day Sotheby's auction, is as much a piece of art as his other stuff. Albeit performance art which he does not usually do. Oddly enough, as in I'm really about to say this, I think some of the pieces going under the hammer are rather nice. For example, The Golden Calf, The Broken Dream, and some of sharks.

Now, if I could only see all the images from yesterday.

2) Secondly, re: Burn After Reading. In an odd way, it reminded me of a cross between The Big Lebowskii and Blood Simple. It was a bit screwy, and enjoyed left-turns. Their best film? No. One of? Possibly not. Fun and suitable to their sensibilities? Yes.

There were some girls behind us whom I heard say "it wasn't as funny as I expected" and a boy in front on the way out who echoed that sentiment, only commenting it wasn't as funny as O, Brother. I admit, I giggled. had they seen no other movies of theirs? It was funny - some genuinely comedic moments, and others that were more... black. However, Pitt was a hoot, Malkovich was suitably deranged, and Clooney was quite fun as well.

Finally, I was kind of surprised that there was a decent presence of young children/toddlers there. They were quiet, though dad heard the one behind him. I don't mind them sometimes in movies - depends on the film. This though? Leave them home.
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Royal de Luxe, the French street theatre company responsible for Th Sultan's Elephant, has spawned at least one imitator.

La Machine has La Princesse, a giant spider roaming Liverpool. She's designed by the same man who did The Sultan's Elephant.

Why aren't I closer? *sigh*

In other words: Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] domnall!
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Ursula Vernon is one of my favorite artists online. She's talented, funny, and I just love her stuff.

Well, she's been trying silkscreening lately, and put her first four attempts up for sale (how I love lj).

And one is mine!

Horsehead Monoprint

It's small, but brightly colored and I like the style.
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Via a flist post, from a response to something on [livejournal.com profile] thequestionclub, I found this comment:

The reason it's so famous is evident when you walk around the Louvre a bit. All the other paintings of women from that time period are SERIOUS. The women are ugly and have straight faces - no smiles. Mona Lisa is so different because she's actually smiling.

And I just went *sigh*.

Because the poster is wrong - really wrong. I'm not going to take the "ugly" part, because that's subjective, but none are smiling. For Chrissake - even Wikipedia has images in the same entry that prove it's wrong.


My contemporary art class is fulfilling on a level I wasn't expected. Dear god... discussion - with opinions being important and just as important. I like it, it's a change from the RTIP. Which, wonderful as it was (I'm completely serious here) I realize now I wasn't as happy as I am now. Most of it dealt in absolutes, and what opinion there was, wasn't this type.

Currently, the class is moving more into the theory of contemporary art. Makes a nice change - yesterday was devoted to formalism and some theories involving that. Both classes this week discussed art and what others view as art (see: stuff that gets pulled because the public views it as obscene).

This kind of culminated in being informed that, no matter what, we thought - we're the elite. We're not looking up at the ivory tower, we're in the damned thing.

It was amusing.

I have no idea where I was going with all this...

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First off, I didn't think I'd end up using the phrase "lips, tits, and hips" in my class notes... it just happened to be the best way to describe some Tom Wesselmann art we were looking at and what he emphasized in a particular series.and i was short on space.


Other than that - things not too bad. I've got to get working on some research for my Spanish Medieval Art and Architecture class. Biggest annoyance (and the prof also mentioned it to boot, so I worry less) is that the majority of the writing is in Spanish. Or German. I speak Latin, and can read a touch of French. Alas. Sadly, what I originally wanted to write on has a body of work almost entirely in Spanish and the few writers with English barely touch on it.

But it has the most beautiful Islamic textile in it... The new choice also does, and some lovely embroidery.

With my Contemporary Art class, I think I'm going to do my paper on Patricia Piccinini. I don't think I'll be able to find much scholarly work on her, but she's a fairly prolific writer on her own work, which is good.

She came up because this weekend, we met [livejournal.com profile] domnall's mother in Tonopah, and then on the way back hit a)The Bead Museum and b)The Phoenix Art Museum.

*happy happy willa*

The Bead Museum rocked. It's this tiny little museum in Glendale, but has a really good collection of beads - ranging from prehistoric to contemporary. Currently they have a show of silver. Nothing but silver jewelry. I want some of it so. damned. badly. The Moroccan stuff they had was to die for. Massive bracelets and amulets and necklaces. You see, I have a weakness for North African stuff. The Berber women? To die for. (Part of me would love to get together a set of garb for that style... *makes note*) You see, my mother has a few Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith books - and for years I've loved Africa Adorned. Part of me laughs at the idea of this pasty white, blond-haired girl wearing all that jewelry, but another part of me thinks it'd be entirely worth it. (Here are some of their shots, but I can't find my favorites.) Seriously though, I was salivating - it was that gorgeous.

As for Phoenix Art Museum, I rather liked. I felt I had to go and stare at the contemporary art - which turned out to be well worth it. Namely, they had a Patricia Piccinini on loan. Specifically, The Embrace. The docent there told us that the curator, when he was putting it up said it felt as if there was a skeletal structure, as well as organs, etc. How cool is that? There was also an interesting Lichtenstein, the likes of which I'd never seen before and the title of which I should have written down. (ETA: Ha! I think it was called Fish and Sky.) There was also a really neat installation piece named something along the lines of Firefly Dances. It's a dark room with mirrored walls, and hanging strands of lights that change color. Really, it was just several kinds of fun.

I do think I'm going to need to go back when they've got the St John's Bible on display...
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It's rather odd to be happily reading one's New York Times and to see, prominently in the middle of the first section, an ad for the upcoming Sotheby's Contemporary Art Sale, with the hideos Rothko that's the prize of the show next to it.

Then again, I hate Rothko. I don't care about how influential he was, or how he was one of the first, I just do not like him...

That is all...


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