Apr. 12th, 2014

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Ah, life, it goes.

Got the new schedule for the next six months at work. Yes, I get up disgustingly early (start at 4 am), but the advantages are that I get Thursday, Friday, and Sunday off, and for at least part of the time I'll get a shift differential of 15%.

This is good and makes me happy. Very happy.

I'm continuing to work at a goal that is coming to be somewhat obsessive, which is management. This means looking at metrics that I'm not even sure will have any sort of bearing on anything, but it does give me something to focus on. This is proving to be, in a dark way, highly amusing.

In other news, Ryan and I have been working on the house, sorting things out and making plans. It's going pretty well.

And soon, there is a household meeting. We're not even officially part of said household, but we've reached the point where everyone thinks we are, resulting in much amusement. And glaring. And lots of the raised eyebrow or look that says 'duh' from my laurel... One could argue that actually showing up to this is a sign that resistance is crumbling.


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