May. 7th, 2013

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Pretty well, actually.

Finished out the last month at work pretty strong (which was a relief, in so many ways) and this one's not looking too bad either. Granted, it's early, but I'm at least feeling better about more than a few things - like the fact that maybe my run of bad luck is going to be getting better.

This pleases me for so many reasons and I won't go into them here because I'm lazy.

Otherwise, it goes well. Last weekend was Coronation and Champions - awesome because I got to see friends get crowned and had a superb time overall. Made new clothes for both Ryan and myself and they came out very well. I'm slowly working on getting better, and it makes me happy in the end.

So right now I'm primarily working on A&S stuff. I'd really like to declare for Champion, and I think that if nothing else, it wouldn't hurt to have the feedback. Being off on Thursday and Friday, the plans are to spend most of those days writing/editing. Right now, it's just in that phase where it's a spotty and annoying and ugly teenager.

Heck, though... It can only go up, right?


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