Apr. 11th, 2013

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Let's see:

Had a meeting with my guy at Merrill Lynch today. Well, this is the new one, since I hadn't seen his predecessor in several years (since just after the little IRS incident, actually). An hour an a half later, we'd talked about a number of things and I have to admit, it felt pretty good. Reminded me I need to look at a few other things I've got lurking around in my name as well.

I'd planned on getting five pages of the rough for my bread documentation done by tonight. That ended up failing, and the new plan is to get it finished by Monday, so I can have [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne look over it during the week. Then I'll just have the naalbinding documentation to finish and possibly a fourth project (I'm telling myself I should do this, but don't have anything I'm really 100% happy with).

Though it does remind me I need to check again where the egglant goes. I think Picking/Preserves, which is a subcategory of homesteading. In which case, a roman sweets recipe may be a good course of action...

Otherwise, stuff's going pretty well. I've gotten all three of Ryan's new tunics cut out and am working on the appliques that will be decorating his things as well as my new apron dress. There's a chunk of me going 'oh shit, I've got way too much to do before Coronation and then A&S, but I'm actually feeling pretty decent about it.

Now, if only I could find that bloody little external drive I'd be happy.
External drive located. Now trying to find the portable device charger...


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