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Well, another year done. The last final was what I shall affectionately call sadistic - I went to every class and read every reading, but I swear, he never covered some of that stuff...

Overall though, I think the finals that I really care about (Latin, Art History/Cinema, and the Russian and Slavic folklore) went rather well. which means i didn't frak up royally. and the nats finals went alright. which means i didn't go down in a cloud of smoke.

I'm better on top of jobs this summer, and have made sure a few things are in, and I need to fill out a few more applications. Still, I've got training for the testing office in on the 20th and I'm hired by the University College until the end of June.


Nonetheless, today I intend to go home, curl up on the couch, and play lovely and violent video games. (God of War! Whee!) Plus, now I can play WoW without being pestered by anyone about homework.

I think I shall also make bread today. Which will be a good thing.

*is happy*


Aug. 15th, 2006 03:18 pm
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So, the University College on campus offered me a job. Interview was today - I went in, got job description, said I could do it, and I start Monday. The pay is good and the hours work nicely around my schedule. Granted, I'm not taking a ton of classes, but still...

Job's really just answering phones and making appointments with the College for counseling, as well as tutoring stuff. But it's 20 hours a week and the pay's good.

*is uber-relieved*

Also bought my books and a few other, minor, things for the year. I've just got one thing left to deal with Financial Aid-wise (RI).

I'm only taking four classes, but that should be enough to keep me busy. One computer class, Racing Law and Enforcement (part 1), Development and Management of the Racing Animal, and Latin.

At last, things are finally falling into place...


Jul. 21st, 2006 11:04 am
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I have a job.

I start Monday.


Not at all!


Working counter at a dry cleaners on Campbell. The hours work quite well with my class schedule, and it's not far at all. They're paying well, and it looks like all will be good.
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Life continues, for the most part, to be quiet. Days are spent sending out applications and doing a few personal things - *sigh*

I know something'll turn up eventually, and at least until then, my father is willing to help me out.

Admittedly though, I'll feel far better once things get completely settled and I have a job. I dislike not having anything to do besides look for employment. I really don't like it.

Also, Thursday gaming starts in a week - yay! I need to finish up my wizard/binder for it, but I don't think that'll take long...


Jun. 2nd, 2006 12:17 pm
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So, moved into my apartment yesterday.

This is stellar.

I shall take pics and post them when I have a chance.


I will have on and off internet for a while, as I'm still getting settled. This is mainly relevant to [livejournal.com profile] haumea. (I'm sorry about it. Let's just say Sprout's buried in work...)


Must run - have things to do. Job interview calls.
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things have been relatively busy lately. i have a few morejob applications floating around that i'm waiting to hear from, though i'm not thinking anything will come of them.


i'll get a few more out today.

move into my apartment tomorrow. my apartment. no roommate. just me. feels odd. i need to call my landlady around noon to see exactly when i can move in. i'm excited.

life wise, things have been quiet and relatively uneventful, if you ignore that fact that i've been overanalyzing some things that i probably shouldn't bother with.

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So last week was spent in RI. Not bad, though I’m glad to be back here. I did miss the wet of back east though. Apparently it had rained almost two weeks nonstop before I got there. Then it stopped, and picked up again when I left.

Seems I bring dryness. Sorry all.

The highlight of the trip was, most definitely, The Met. With [livejournal.com profile] llyfreneth. Who sort-of freaked a woman out by mentioning what was stored in canopic jars. *chortle* We really only saw what was on one floor of the museum, which was quite enough. I got my armour, though my batteries ran out and so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked. Still - well worth the time. I’d like to take this time to mention two shows in addition to the horse armour that were worth the trip. Tibetan armour and Anglomania. I wish I could have taken pics in them, I really do. But I have a few other things, mostly Eurpoean in origin.

Met Pretties )

The Tibetan armour was drop. dead. gorgeous. Everrything was highly decorated and embellished. There was some chain, but it was mainly lamellar things. And then there was the horse armour. SQUEEEEE!!!! The saddles were works of art. I’d love to, if I ever had the time to do one, make myself one. High pommels and cantles, heavily decorated with carvings, and the seats were padded and covered in silk - mainly brocade-esque, but also embroidered. The bridles were gorgeous, as were the various and sundry bits of armour themselves. *drool*

The other show of interest was called Anglomania. It was made up of British fashion from about 1970 or so onwards. In other words - punk and post-punk. Vivenne Westwood (yay!!) and co. Very fun. There was an almost eerie feel to the entire thing, but it was oh so cool. One room had a Galliano for Dior gown, and the mannequin wearing it had a crows head. She was looking into a hand mirror and there was a table of bird figurines in front of her. The sound in the room? Bird screeches and calls. Another room had Westwood fetish-style gear. A large bed. And a woman in a black Victorian dress. There was a room with Edwardian-influenced things, and another with a hunting scene. One of the riders had a hunting skirt on, but it was seriously modified. Wish I could have taken a shot of that, as it was above the viewer due to the fact that the scene was raised on a pedestal. Then there was a room where the men were in hunting jackets and breeches and the woman in what looked like, at first glance, gowns from Marie Antoinette’s era. If one were to go by the hairstyles. But nope. There were also, as you looked around, male figures lounging on the fireplace and woman in mini-dresses of the same style on tables. The show was in the Period Rooms, and had this eerie, out-of-place feel that was quite neat to it.

Oh course, the horse armour was just *gah* as you can see under the cut.

Horsies in Big Pieces of Metal )

Also saw the family members I wanted to see for the most part. Didn’t get quite enough time with [livejournal.com profile] squeeky_v, due to school. Didn’t even see [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint and [livejournal.com profile] mightyquills. I did go out to my old high school, Portsmouth Abbey and see many people there. Which was fun. Then saw Marge and Mimi, horsees belonging to a former teacher. Mimi’s just over 16 hands high. And gorgeous. Made me realize/decide I’d really like to get back in the saddle in the future. And that I could really use a pair of boots. I know Dover’s got some rubber tall boots for about $30. And if I knew I was going to ride, I’d probably pick them up in the near future. *sigh* Still, more pics behind the cut.

Marge, Mimi, and Mrs. Sanchez )

And for your amusemet/interest, here are a few more I (or my mother or sister) took. Sorry if they’re a bit large - but hell, that’s what the cut is for!

I Do Miss All The Green )

So now I’m here. Back in Arizona. I move into my apartment next week, which is rather cool. I have a few job applications to drop off, as well as a resume to finish. *sigh* I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, as I know it’ll all work out in the end. But I’m still just ever so minorly paranoid about it all.

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So I signed the lease on an apartment on Friday. Small studio, but I completely fell in love with it. It's about a 20 minute walk from the RTIP offices, in a building called The Castle Apartments. (Yes, I'm well aware the decor on the inside falls on the side of kitsch, but I don't care. It's sort of cute.) The main point is that it's mine. Yes, it's also probably a little more than I wanted to spend, but in the long run, I think it'll be woth it. The building and neighborhood are quiet, utilities are included (though I need to get internet and cable), I've got a kitchen (gas stove!), a decent amount of storage space, and so on. Hell, it's not like I'm planning on hosting any major parties in the future...

So a word to the flist who lives in Tucson - come early June, you may be asked to give me a hand moving things from my dad's place to my new one. I"m getting a couch, chair, table, tv, etc... The couch and the table are the main things I'll need help with. It's a 6 ft couch and the table's large and heavy. I'll need a hand or two... *grins*

I also need to book my flights to and from Providence. Only going back east for a few days (three or four, leaning more towards three). I intend on getting down to New York and the Met while I'm there. The Armoured Horse show I've been dying to see stays up until January 2007, and there's also one of Tibetan Armour right now. Between those, the permanent armour, Islamic, and Eastern collections, and the Cloisters (which I've never been to), I can make a good excuse. Hell, it's the frakking Metropolitan Museum of Art. The excuse I've not been there in a long time alone is enough to warrant a trip.

Now I need to look up bus fare down there, as the MU will be working and Pippa will be in school (not that she could drive). RI flisters - possibly feel up to a weekday trip to NYC for the Met in mid-May?

I also gave my two weeks notice at work. I'm sorry, but the amount of money I've been making there isn't worth it. Besides, I won't have work study this summer. Don't get me wrong, I love the job (even if I do complain), but I just don't think I can manage it. I'll miss seeing Pickle though. Need to make sure I stop by and see her.

Friday also meant I got to see Dr. Who. *SQUEEE!* I wish I had SciFi in my room, but nooo. It's pretty andd shiny, and YAY!

Anyway - Saturday I saw the Santa Anita Derby. Went off just before I headed to work. Hrrmm... wish I saw the Wood as well. Brother Derek looked nice, no doubt about it. Jon appears to be backing Point Determined as a longshot in a few weeks. Dad said the Wood was a better race - I'll need to watch the replay when I get a chance. My schedule has meant I've not been able to watch any of the preps (bad Willa!) and so have just been absorbing the relevent information in the Office as I go along. And much thanks to Jon (who I know won't read this) for keeping me informed.

Sunday was WOWTBG at [livejournal.com profile] nicodeamos's place. Such a fun game. Sadly, the Horde ([livejournal.com profile] nicodeamos, [livejournal.com profile] taranos, and [livejournal.com profile] hamner) beat the Alliance [livejournal.com profile] matterntm, [livejournal.com profile] domnall, and myself), but it was pretty close. I'm fond of the Night Elf warrior I played both times, but I think next game I may like to change... Of course, being a magic user would mean no mail, and I do love my mail...

On a final note - The Fray isn't half-bad. I'll admit that I fell in love with the single and then downloaded the CD off of Demonoid. Their lyrics aren't as complex as I tend to favor, but still aren't as insipid or simple as most pop stuff out there. I will admit that, as of late, when I pick up new things that could be considered of the "popular" they tend to veer more toward the stuff that comes across the pond. Seems to be of a better quality, even if these guys won't stick around beyond a single album or possibly two. But then again, how many pop bands do...?

I've also downloaded Adium. Works the same as Trillium or any other program that allows you to have multiple messenger systems (AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc) open at the same time. So now I'll actually be on MSN sometimes! ([livejournal.com profile] lightpoint, this means my on MSN time will reflect my online time... You'll actually be able to talk to me real time. I expect you to be around sometime... *grins*)

And on a final note - my braces come off a week from tomorrow! I thought it was tomorrow, but that's what I get for not looking at my calender. *sheepish grin*
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I have Death Cab for Cutie/Franz Ferdinand pictures from Monday. I need to upload them, but I've got them. It was a very good concert, and I didn't go deaf.

Or hoarse.

must have been doing something wrong...

At any rate, I've got about a month and a half of school left. This means I need to book a flight back to RI soon. *sigh* I'm only going for a week or so, as there's more keeping me here than there. (sad, innit?) Of course, this means I need to find a place of my own - though I can move in with my dad for a while if I need to - and a job. The latter, I don't think will be that hard. Then again, I'm used to Newport, where everyone hires for the summer... I'm not sure how different it's going to be here.

In other news, Eels are on Tour this summer. Woot! Unfortunately, Phoenix does not seem to be a tour stop of interest. So I'm debating if I want to manipulate things so I can see them In San Francisco. Advantages? I can probably crash at an aunt and uncle's place. Disadvantages? To be blunt - $$. (Though I could probably work things out.)

There's always Boston, but that show's in the middle of June, versus the late May one in San Francisco. And as I finish finals in the middle of May... I can always just start a job in June or something...



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