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Spring Break is upon us.


Last night was the season finale of Battlestar Galactica - exceedingly fun. I'm very excited for the next season. Which, sadly, isn't until October. *sniff*

Break plans involve many movie, much school work, and other things... *grin*
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And Spring Break starts in a week?

Something is wrong here.

Things have been mostly - quiet, for lack of a better word. There're several foals at work - yes, yes, you'll get pictures of them when I get around to it. Life and the normal parts of it are moving along at, for the most part, their usual pace. Time however, seems vastly speeded up. Not that I'm really complaining, mind you. *grin*

Plans for break? School work (oh shut up), garb stuff, and extensive movie watching with a friend or two.

And by the way - excuse the lack of cohesiveness. I slept for about three hours last night. I'm fully prepared to blame my east-facing room for that fact, even if there is a large building blocking most of the light.
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Thank you for granting my unvoiced request for more hours at work.

However, I do not like those hours coming tomorrow afternoon. Tuesdays are quite fine, even though I've got an orthodontist appointment this one and I was planning on doing a last minute sewing session for Estrella as well. And class at 4.

Thank you ever so much

For those who want an explanation of how I got more hours at work, the quickest one is this. One of the girls quit. We're already short-handed, and she left us. There may be something else to it, as there's some scrambling to fill shifts, but she's no longer there. If I recall correctly, she mentioned a while ago having a higher paying job (but she won't leave us!) as a waitress at a strip club down by the airport. Charming.

At least Estrella War is next weekend. I'm really excited, and it should be lots of fun. I've got a few things left to pick up, and some things to finish sewing, but I'm going up Thursday morning, and then all will be good.
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'Tis been an eventful week.

The Whole Bead Show is in town. This is a dangerous time for me, as I am more than willing to unleash myself upon it armed with a trusty credit card. Lots of pretty things (bought earrings and a necklace, photos forthcoming) and many, many beads. I got some very nice horn ones and lots of crystal and glass, as well as seed beads. Most of them I'll be splitting with my mother (which is a good thing), and a few I'll be keeping totally for myself. I didn't find amber, as I'd been hoping, but the Gem and Mineral show is going on as well, and a friend of mine is on the lookout for me.

There was a wonderful selection there, and great prices. "Buy one, get one free" and "50% off" are my best friends. everything from lucite (and I half-wish I had a good use for it, as some was very nice) to antique Afghani beads (*sniff* $300 for the strand wasn't about to happen for me). Lots of silver (dangerous, as they sell it by gram, and it's easy to forget that). I wish I could have afforded some of the semi-precious stuff that was up for sale, but I half to remember that Estrella is coming up, and I need want money for that. And spending lots and lots of money at Whole Bead is not going to be good for then.

The first mare at work is due next week! *is excited* I'd like to go on foal watch at some point during the semester, so I can experience it. Not because I'll get to experience "the miracle of life" or any bull like that, but because I've never done it. And it should be interesting.

I need to talk to my orthodontist, as my braces keep catching on my cheek. Which is annoying. And painful. I've got wax, and I can use that to cover up the area, but it's a hassle!

Also, my shoulders are one giant knot. Hot shower helped to loosen them, but they still hurt.

Music for you lot - King's Crossing - Elliott Smith
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An interesting weekend. Good, but interesting. Started off with Battlestar Galactica on Friday night at [livejournal.com profile] avilina's place. Damn you girl! You have me addicted to BSG. *glares* As usual, a good time.

Slept in on Saturday morning, then went to work. That charming job I have which pays next to nothing and I work very hard at. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I do like my job, I really do. Don't think I'll keep it this summer, but it's good right now, not many hours (small annoyance) and not many days. *shrug*

I was then dragged out Saturday night. *headdesk* Let's not really talk about that one, shall we? Leave it at that I was going to kill someone, but have decided it's really not worth it. It was a few hours of annoyance, and then by the end, things got a bit better. Which was nice.

Though it meant I really slept in on Sunday. Where I also went to Rillito with dad, and met up with Jon and Pete (fellow RTIPers). Now that was a fun day. Rillito is one step up from the greyhounds. Really. Dad pointed out that it's as close to the (real) dogs as he wants to get. Still though, it's a fun place. Small track, only about six furlongs, and a mixed meet of Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. Please note, I know nothing about Quarter Horses. At all. near as I can tell, the strategy is "hang on for dear life as they bolt towards the finish." It's fast, without a doubt. But I don't htink I like it as much as Thoroughbreds.

Anyway, Rillito's bottom of the barrel. They race six weekends a year, and draw a decent crowd. Of course, that crowd is one that could be considered lousy by many standards. But it's a fun place to be. As Jon put it, though in a slightly different context (he'd been talking fair meets), there's a certain charm to it, it's more real.

Today was classes and such. Followed by a trip to the mall to get a new watch, as mine decided to die. *sigh* Now I'm watching The Statement, which is very good.


Jan. 5th, 2006 11:37 am
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Back home in Tucson.

Feels rather nice, it does.

The trip back wasn't that bad. Both flights were running early, which was a nice change from the delays I got on the way to Providence. However, from Providence to Kansas City I was cursed blessed with wailing children in the front of the plane. They quited down for about an hour in the middle of the flight, but it was particularly bad at the beginning and the end. Twins - probably about two or three years old (please note, i suck at estimating age). And they wailed. The. Entire. Time. I pity the flight attendents. Kansas City to Phoenix was nice, a relatively quiet flight. (Though sadly, no flight attendent like the one from Nashville to Providence when I headed back-the guy was very funny whenever he made an announcement. Safety features have never had me giggling more. *sigh*)

Two and a half weeks back in RI was good - I got a decent amount of stuff done and had, for the most part, a good time. I saw [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint (which was great), [livejournal.com profile] logopandocie282, and various other people who needed to be seen. In theatres, I saw Syriana, King Kong, and Narnia (again). I read lots - the newest Company book., finally finished Angela Carter's The War of Dreams, also called The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe, and picked up a copy of Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell for a dollar at the library's bookstore *squee!*.

I also played waaay too much AdventureQuest

I've also got a dress almost finished for Estrella next month. *bounces* For my first attempt, it's not that shabby, if I say so myself. I just need to hem it and it's all done. Photos will be posted as soon as I finish and steal dad's camera.

Until I move back into my room on Saturday, I'm holing up with dad. Which is nice. Classes start next week, and I'm back at work today. The parrot is next to me making happy little sounds. MIssed the big guy. He's a little sweetheart, and his sounds are rather adorable. Dad's got a little video of him out on the patio, and if I can figure it out how, I'll post it. Silly little boy.

Went to dinner last night at Zemam's. It's an Ethiopian place. The way Ethiopian works (if you've never had it) is they serve the food on a platter and give you a tortilla/tsampa like bread to eat it with. The food's pretty simple, but very good. It was actually nice to go to a place that just had dinner - no appetizers, desserts, etc. Just dinner and some drinks. It's down on Broadway, and for those in Tucson, I highly recommend it.

By the way - "The Rolling Stones would be too old to watch their own Super Bowl performance, organisers have ruled."


Jan. 3rd, 2006 06:37 pm
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Back tomorrow. Back tomorrow. Back tomorrow.

Thank god.

While my time here has been good, I want to be back in Tucson.

Off to pack now.
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Christmas came and went. Nothing spectacular received, but I still got some interesting/useful stuff.

And a great Edward Gorey agenda - Neglected Murderesses and The Deranged Cousins. Yes, it's little, but damn it, I do love Edward Gorey.

There was also fabric received. My goal,in the next week, is to finish this and this. I've been putting it off (bad Willa), and will work on it this weekend.

Of course, with all the holiday stuff, it meant seeing family - the one bit I'd not been looking forward to. Granted, it wasn't horrible (certainly not as bad as I was prepared for), but I still wanted to kill some people. The stream of family continued for a few days after the main event, so yeah... I know my activvities at college are of interest to you, but I don't really feel like telling you about them. That's my business, not yours. Got it?

I go back in a week. Taking five classes ( 15 credits) this semester, which shouldn't be bad. Actually, can't wait for it to start. Part of it is I just want to get back and out of here.

I'm currently watching Casino. Damn it, Robert DeNiro is quite a good actor. And I also am very fond of Martin Scorsese.

Also, saw Syriana the other night. Very good.

And, as a bonus for today, here's an Eels song.
Trouble With Dreams
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Then again, what was I opoing for?

I've spent five days where, yes, I've seen some of the people I need to see, but mostly doing not much. I'm also rather bored.

Now, I probably shouldn't be saying that. After all, there are things to do here, right? Yes, well...

Sort of.

I miss Tucson. Really.

*clears throat*

Now, all this negativityb is a very. bad. thing. And so should be stopped. I have a pile of books to read, lots of music (courtesy of [livejournal.com profile] haumea), and movies. (side note- I finally saw Goblet of Fire last night) There is no snow (and doesn't look to be any in the near future), and people tell me it's not as cold as it's been.

I also need to find the sewing machine and get started on stuff for Estrella. *looks at fabric*

In conclusion - it's not worth it to grumble right now. I shall enjoy the two weeks I've got left.
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How wonderful.

Two flights delayed half an hour, and I feel I should mention that the Nashville Airport is lousy. Of course, I'm comparing it to what? Providence? Phoenix? *sigh*

So now, I'm on the couch (under many blankets) and getting ready to crash. Despite the fact that my body's convinced it's on 9:15.

Remind me again why I came back...


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