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It's cold.

Right… so…

I’m writing this while on a flight back to RI. For obvious reasons, it’s being uploaded later. (specifically at noon the next day)

Thus far, the flight is fairly uneventful. Well, apart from the fact we left Chicago an hour later than planned and on another plane due to mechanical issues.

School ended. Finals were fairly straight-forward, only actually sat two of them. I don’t think that I did too badly at all. Which should be nice. The fact that I’m enjoying this line of academia is also quite nice. This time next year, it’ll be grad school stuff.

At any rate, it’s nice to have the semester over. Now I can spend the next few weeks catching up on my reading list. I’ve got a decent chunk of the Dune series, what looks like an interesting book on a Viking woman from Abbie, and some various and sundry other things. Already, I’ve gotten my druid to 40. Power-leveling is a wonderful thing… Also, there shall be catching up on video games, some cleaning and garb-making, and I suspect a fair amount of dvd watching. Have the complete Six Feet Under and The X-Files, simply for a start. if I’m smart, may also start that spreadsheet of our collection…

Also, no matter what, I suspect [livejournal.com profile] domnall bought The Lone Gunmen because I like saying “conspiracy.” A lot.
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I'm back in RI.

Expect spotty internet activity from me - as I seem rarely able to find a wireless connection that works...

Plus I'm cold as the MU seems not to believe in turning the heat on.
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So last week was spent in RI. Not bad, though I’m glad to be back here. I did miss the wet of back east though. Apparently it had rained almost two weeks nonstop before I got there. Then it stopped, and picked up again when I left.

Seems I bring dryness. Sorry all.

The highlight of the trip was, most definitely, The Met. With [livejournal.com profile] llyfreneth. Who sort-of freaked a woman out by mentioning what was stored in canopic jars. *chortle* We really only saw what was on one floor of the museum, which was quite enough. I got my armour, though my batteries ran out and so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked. Still - well worth the time. I’d like to take this time to mention two shows in addition to the horse armour that were worth the trip. Tibetan armour and Anglomania. I wish I could have taken pics in them, I really do. But I have a few other things, mostly Eurpoean in origin.

Met Pretties )

The Tibetan armour was drop. dead. gorgeous. Everrything was highly decorated and embellished. There was some chain, but it was mainly lamellar things. And then there was the horse armour. SQUEEEEE!!!! The saddles were works of art. I’d love to, if I ever had the time to do one, make myself one. High pommels and cantles, heavily decorated with carvings, and the seats were padded and covered in silk - mainly brocade-esque, but also embroidered. The bridles were gorgeous, as were the various and sundry bits of armour themselves. *drool*

The other show of interest was called Anglomania. It was made up of British fashion from about 1970 or so onwards. In other words - punk and post-punk. Vivenne Westwood (yay!!) and co. Very fun. There was an almost eerie feel to the entire thing, but it was oh so cool. One room had a Galliano for Dior gown, and the mannequin wearing it had a crows head. She was looking into a hand mirror and there was a table of bird figurines in front of her. The sound in the room? Bird screeches and calls. Another room had Westwood fetish-style gear. A large bed. And a woman in a black Victorian dress. There was a room with Edwardian-influenced things, and another with a hunting scene. One of the riders had a hunting skirt on, but it was seriously modified. Wish I could have taken a shot of that, as it was above the viewer due to the fact that the scene was raised on a pedestal. Then there was a room where the men were in hunting jackets and breeches and the woman in what looked like, at first glance, gowns from Marie Antoinette’s era. If one were to go by the hairstyles. But nope. There were also, as you looked around, male figures lounging on the fireplace and woman in mini-dresses of the same style on tables. The show was in the Period Rooms, and had this eerie, out-of-place feel that was quite neat to it.

Oh course, the horse armour was just *gah* as you can see under the cut.

Horsies in Big Pieces of Metal )

Also saw the family members I wanted to see for the most part. Didn’t get quite enough time with [livejournal.com profile] squeeky_v, due to school. Didn’t even see [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint and [livejournal.com profile] mightyquills. I did go out to my old high school, Portsmouth Abbey and see many people there. Which was fun. Then saw Marge and Mimi, horsees belonging to a former teacher. Mimi’s just over 16 hands high. And gorgeous. Made me realize/decide I’d really like to get back in the saddle in the future. And that I could really use a pair of boots. I know Dover’s got some rubber tall boots for about $30. And if I knew I was going to ride, I’d probably pick them up in the near future. *sigh* Still, more pics behind the cut.

Marge, Mimi, and Mrs. Sanchez )

And for your amusemet/interest, here are a few more I (or my mother or sister) took. Sorry if they’re a bit large - but hell, that’s what the cut is for!

I Do Miss All The Green )

So now I’m here. Back in Arizona. I move into my apartment next week, which is rather cool. I have a few job applications to drop off, as well as a resume to finish. *sigh* I’m making a mountain out of a molehill, as I know it’ll all work out in the end. But I’m still just ever so minorly paranoid about it all.



May. 15th, 2006 10:05 pm
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Back in Rhode Island.

It's chilly and foggy and wet.

And quiet.

Haven't done much yet. Did inform the MU about at least one thing I was worried over. Turns out the worrying was all in vain. *laughs* Such is life.

At least I'm pretty much booked for the next few days.


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