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Let's see, have been back in Tucson for a nice while now. Granted, the trip back was a pain in the ass as Dallas was closed, and I was in Houston, and there was much chaos...

*headdesk* I got in three hours late. Two of those hours were spent sitting on the tarmac.

Needless to say, now I'm back in town and life is good. Started work again, which is quite good. I honestly really enjoy it down there. Granted, now the Disqualifications and worried parents are crawling out the walls.

Here's a hint to everyone else - LOOK ON THE DAMNED SCHOOL'S WEBSITE! It will have the answer to 99% of your questions. Including what majors this school offers.

So I'm working, and getting everything set for school. Financial Aid is almost all set (need to get the stuff from the state of RI, but that can't be done until the second day of school), which means bills are getting paid off. Damn I like it when that happens. I also need to get the paperwork for becoming a resident. I want in-state tuition...

So school starts on Wednesday. I've got my books, and I'm all set mostly. Taking 5 classes (3 gen eds, 2nd semester latin, and a film history class) and I'm looking forward to them. Particularly the film history. I was looking at one of the books (The Rise of the Horror Film) and it looks really neat.

In other news, the apartment is still a massive mess. Bright side? We're getting the shelves put up on Monday. And I say "getting" because they're wall mounted and for both of our sanities going to get maintenence to put them up. Then everything can get put up (books!) and all will be organized and things shall be good! (Not to mention I'll consider it worthy to have people over to...) Granted, this means they'll also get stained this weekend...

Let's see, to do in the following week that's not school related:
* Buy black fabric for the Revel
* Start Italian dress
* Work on device cross-stitch
* Get everything set for Sable Knight
* Find cord for external hard drive
* Move everything to external hd
* Get paperwork for residency
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They're starting to post grades - I'm actually doing a little better than I thought I would be. That's always nice. Today was also my last day at work. That's certainly a little odd. I'll miss them for the next few weeks, it's a good job down there.

Slowly everything is being moved from my apartment to Dom's. (I'm still thinking of it as his - my name's not on the lease {yet} and my things are not yet all moved. I'm also in the process of cleaning things to get the space ready for my stuff. It's sort of funny how things are. Mind you, I'm not complaining, but I'm nonetheless quite content. I'm trying to get everything moved by the time I head out East.

It's nice to be able to sit back and take a breath. I feel like this semester was... chaotic. Certainly I spent more time than not being whiny, miserable, etc. (thank you al, btw, for ptting up with it - and not killing me) Next semester? NO RACING CLASSES! Granted, I've only three credits left to get a minor in that (my, how the grad schools will be confused...), but I'm glad to have a breath of classes without anything to do with pools. Instead, I get to go crazy over latin. Acually, I'm kind of lookng forward to it. *grin*

I'm heading to Rhode Island very early on Wednesday morning (12:20 am!). It's not been "going home" so much as "visiting family." There's just more of mine here. On the oft-chance anyone from RI reads this, and I've not yet spoken to you about meeting up - I'm out there for nine days, get in touch.
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Four day weekends are nice. Unfortunately, they tend to leave you wanting more.


Apart from Thanksgiving, not much happened. At least of interest. Saw The Fountain, which was quite good, if a little odd and hard to follow in one or two places. And saw Happy Feet, which damnit, was adorable and I highly recommend.

Also - Tucson lot - know anyone looking for an apartment? Preferably starting in January... Studio apartment within walking distance of UA, all utilities included.


Jun. 2nd, 2006 12:17 pm
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So, moved into my apartment yesterday.

This is stellar.

I shall take pics and post them when I have a chance.


I will have on and off internet for a while, as I'm still getting settled. This is mainly relevant to [livejournal.com profile] haumea. (I'm sorry about it. Let's just say Sprout's buried in work...)


Must run - have things to do. Job interview calls.


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