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It's always a nice surprise to find out one did better on a paper than expected. A B, albeit a low one, on that damned Photo paper was good. Nearly makes up for the fact that today and Tuesday in the class will be spent listening to Grad Students who don't know how to keep track of time.

Doing test-runs of A&S food this weekend. This should be good. I'm more concerned over the laser sauce than the tracta, but mainly because I"ve never used asafoetida. Ever. As an aside, Cato has directions on how to force-feed poultry. Interesting... Dom should be doing a sausage run, minus casings (which are ordered - for various and sundry reasons and research, went with ordering them online). Of course, now that I think about it, finding time for tests may be less than optimal. Hrmmm...

At any rate, next week have (two) lesson plans due for my ARE class, then that's done. Not many details are available for my Photo or Islamic Art/Architecture finals, and I've got the full list of questions for my Judaic studies class - he'll end up selecting three or four, and we pick two. Final grades seem to be shaping up as a mix of As and Bs. I figure I may as well at least give the illusion of continuing to care. *grin* This is, nonetheless, a nice weight off my shoulders.

And, for amusement - Do I Have Pig Flu?
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I am starting to have a sneaking suspicion that A&S will cause my (disgustingly horrible) Latin to become much better...

Until then, there will be lots of phone calls (and email) to my mother.

And the purchase of a much better Latin dictionary. Then again, I'm not sure I've got a good one...
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Weekend was quite good.

Saturday was the Boaronial Arts and Sciences competition. I entered bread, which was well received. While I didn't win anything, I got some very good feedback. I'm going to have to make some time this summer to get together with Mistress Dairine and discuss bread. Woot! With some work, I can really improve the recipe and make it (more) suitable for Arts and Sciences competition. We'll see if I can get everything together in time for Kingdom.

I'm not crazy. Not at all.

The strawberry party was, in short, exceedingly fun. Good food, good people, and a good time. Drank a small bit (White Russians - where have you been!), and just had fun.

Finally, a bit ago, [livejournal.com profile] zinjadu mentioned [livejournal.com profile] imaginarybeasts. And I'm entranced.
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Well, did one pair of cheesecakes last night. Something went a bit wonky, and I'm going to need to play around a bit - the centers aren't entirely cooked. Hmmm...

Need to pick up el-cheapo platters for them this evening. Also need to finish sewing some trim on a tunic of the boy's.

With the site opening for A&S moved to 9, I can get up and bake the bread, which means fresh bread! Which was, in part, a concern of mine. I stumbled across a recipe on Gode Cookery a bit back which is quite similar to my sourdough - boo ya! It's from a 15th century Italian book.


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