Apr. 20th, 2014 07:21 am
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Yesterday was a good day. Ryan and I both got up a bit later than usual, then futzed about on Diablo III (shut up...) for quite some time. Bathed the pugs and then headed out. Dragoon for beer and poutine, followed by Tap and Bottle for some bottles to have at home, Barnes and Noble (walked out with some anthologies - Lovecraft's Monsters and some Ishiguro, who I keep meaning to read - and a few DVDs on sale), and wrapped up the evening with a Panama Geisha tasting at Savaya. (I've wanted to try that coffee for months. I just can't justify even a partial on the high price-tag...)

Savaya was good. Coffee people and beer people seem to be intertwined - start talking one and inevitably you end up with the other. In the course of Tap and Bottle and Savaya, had conversations on brewing and coffee and mead and food trucks and an invitation to Savaya's warehouse and cards for a new place that'll be opening soon with a large cocktail menu...

I realize that, to an extent, this is all perhaps terribly cliche 'hipster', but oddly enough, I'm quite fine with it. It makes me happy, and feel like I'm at least somewhat active outside my house. Makes up for the random creative funk I'm in.

Today, there's work and laundry. Ryan's got to get stuff packed for Phoenix (he's going up for a work thing on Tuesday/Wednesday, leaving after work Monday) and there shall be F1 later. I cannot complain.


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