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It was good. Really good.

I'm really glad that we went.

For those interested, this is the photoset on Flickr.

Ryan got lots of fighting in, which was one of the goals this war. He actually didn't seem to do too badly either, though I only watched part of one tournament he was in (bad wife). But he enjoyed himself very much, and it was good to see.

I hit a few classes, and was glad I did. Should probably have gone to more, but I also did the A&S display and got to chat scribal things with some people from out of kingdom. Spent some time hanging out with friends from the East, which was awesome as well. We picked up a decent amount of things, and definitely will be working on our kits, which I look forward to.

All things said, as of now, the only downside to many things is that my schedule for the next few months sucks (weekends I don't have off, instead I get Tuesday/Wednesday), and so my attendance at multiple things will be limited. Not to mention I'm working until 9:30 pm, which limits my social life greatly... At least I've got vacation already in for PAXPrime, Southern, and Crown (which Ryan will be fighting for me in!), so those are all things to look forward to. Which greatly reduce the fact that I'm still tired and pissed off over the new schedule...
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