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2008-11-13 12:21 am
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15 minutes. In and out of Best Buy. 2 collector's editions. Would have taken less time with more than 2 people on the registers.

A few hours beforehand were spent talking with Boink, aka [livejournal.com profile] churchofwonk. Life is good.
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2008-01-09 08:00 am
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Pauldrons of the Aldor.

Tier 4 shoulders are mine!!

no... i'm not pleased... now to socket the little buggers. *dances*
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2007-12-10 07:56 am
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So, let's see.

Most of the weekend was spent goofing off in WoW. Also hit Barnes and Noble. ([livejournal.com profile] kittenfemme - they were *sold out*!) There, I drooled over Absolute Sandman Vol. 2. Lots. And dropped a few subtle hints. I also picked up Robin McKinley's The Blue Sword and The Hero and The Crown, two of my favorite books. (side note - i was reminded of them because i recently re-read deerskin, and there's a tiny reference to maur, the great dragon that aerin defeats.)

But I love Aerin and Harry, and I should have picked up the books eons ago. They make me exceedingly happy.

And Christmas cards. I know, such a corny thing - but they were Gorey! And dogs! And damn it, I wanted them!

Also - on Vent the other night, during Gruul - someone asked who sounded like a gnome. Consensus in the guild was it was me. *headdesk* Also, I got punted by the beast in UBRS. Not sure if I should be honored or not.

Added bonus - I was part of the guild's first kill in SSC. Woot!
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2007-12-03 10:00 am
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First off - Golden Compass review later on today. The only thing I've got to say right now is IOREK!!!!

Got my Nats grade if I don't take the final - B. Seeing as I'd have to get over a 100 on it to get an A - I'm not going to bother with the final. Sweet, sweet relief... Also means I don't need to go to class this week.

B+ on my Spanish Medieval paper, which was a pleasant surprise. She'd made mention of how they weren't what she was hoping for, and then I get that. Woot!

Other than that - not much. I recently got into PvP in Wow. It's kind of addicting, and when I get home tonight I'm picking up a new wand. The only green I've now got is a trinket. I'm kind of proud, as I'm also decently on my way to new gear. Tonight's got some arena thrown in - asses will be handed to us on shiny silver platters. But Candarian Demon Moose will prevail!

No - I don't have issues. I also need to remember to fiddle with Vent. The new version doesn't seem too keen on Alia.

The weekend though was spent goofing off mostly. [livejournal.com profile] domnall went into work on Saturday, and then we saw The Golden Compass. Sunday was just hanging around, some WoW, and then a bit of Christmas shopping - mostly done now. Kind of nice to just sit down and calm down.
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2007-10-11 08:46 am
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WoW stuff

So... for shits and giggles I rolled a druid last night. Don't get me wrong, I love my draenai priest, but she's really freaking squishy right now and it's kind of annoying. I'll definitely level her more after patch 2.3, but I kind of feel like rolling a nice, useful class who's not a bit more versatile.

Granted, Idunn will require a bit more cash output for gear, as I'm going to need at least two sets...

ETA: PTR 2.3 patch notes = *love*
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2007-09-04 10:55 am
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Weekend? Pretty good.

Got to spend a bunch of time hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] squeeky_v, who is in town until Friday. That was rather fun. Saturday night in particular was snazzy. It meant dinner, followed by a game of Shadows Over Camelot with several friends. As per usual with us, it got silly. Which honestly, is something I rather enjoy.

Also, there was happy!WoW time. Namely, spent Friday night at Arena's lockdown. I wasn't planning on playing and Warcraft, but yeah... spent time farming and doing quests.

Also though (and I am so bloody pleased), I got my Karazhan key. After spending more time in Black Morass than I'd like, (alright - not much total, but I've decided I don't much like the instance,) [livejournal.com profile] domnall and I finally got the keys. Can't join until a week from this Saturday, but damn it - I've got the little bugger and am so. frakking. pleased.

Other than that - not really much is going on. Work's been quiet - server crashed this morning, resulting in lingering chaos. (It's now back up.)
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2007-08-13 09:07 am
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Weekend overall - very good.

Saw Stardust - OMG! FUN! FUN! FUN! Granted, it's not entirely like the book, but as a friend pointed out (she'd read it) the changes made were to get the story to flow better for the movie-going audience. And it's true. Still though - vastly fun and entertaining, and well worth it. I was exceedingly happy. Tristan was just... *guh* perfect. De Niro, oh gods, go for him. He's a scene stealer - really.

Also, I made 70 in World of Warcraft, and last night I got my Talbuk. It's the armored cobalt one. I'm so proud of myself. (I'll take pics and post them.)

School starts next week, I'm rather looking forward to it. For the first time in a long while, I feel fairly calm and collected. Granted, there's a ton of stuff I want to do, but don't have the time because of other things. However, I think everything will work itself out soon, and for that, I am grateful.
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2007-07-06 09:10 am
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I have hit Outlands.

The tiny gnome is most frightened.

The gear though... *eeep*
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2007-04-29 09:01 pm
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World Of Warcraft

Because I can - pictures of my main character.

Replace Goblin With Gnome )
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2007-04-17 01:02 pm
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Well, the past few weeks have ranged between chaotic and calm.

The chaos is mainly school related. In the "oh, shit. the semester's about to end" kind of way... I've papers, tests, and a few other things to finish. Everything's going to be alright, and most of it's already finished. I just need to make sure I keep on top of it.

Registered for classes - need to constantly remind myself thirteen credits is not slacking. but i do dearly want to finish in four years. I'm taking two art history classes, latin, and a tier 2 nats. First two? Yay! Third? Okaay... Last? *get it over. get it over. get it over.*

Other than that, things haven't been bad. Work goes well, and I'm hired there until the end of June. Hopefully, I'll be able to pick up a few more hours when school ends, but if not, I'm on the job hunt.

Both gaming groups are moving nicely. Sadly, I'm kind of drained when it comes to them, and my brain's not always entirely there. Luckily, I've not been killed yet. Plus, my Shadowrun sheet is hopelessly out of date. I have lots of points to spend.

There's also WoW, which is far more addictive than a game has any right to be. The mantra of the week is "Only a few levels until I get my mount." So what do I do? Create a Tauren alt. *looks innocent* Same server and all, just... big. and a cow... *grin*

In other random news. The apartment is ever-so-slowly becoming clean. And I mean really clean, not just the normal "people coming! hide things! eee!" It's nice. With the changes in layout, [livejournal.com profile] domnall's acquired a Wii. There is rejoicing. It's fun, but being as I'm so absolutely horridly out of shape... *looks guilty*