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For [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer: Small Japanese Car Hunting

Oh yes, and Want Want brand rice cakes are tasty.

This may get added to later - I feel like I'm forgetting something here...
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Information overload!

Decided to attend the Records Management workshop today at work - totally worth it. Though I'll admit, I feel somewhat overwhelmed by all the information...
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Today, I got to tag along on a tour of the rest of the Western Archeological and Conservation Center.

Dear gods - we have some really cool stuff. More on that likely tomorrow though.

Then came home, had dinner (very tasty pasta - even if [livejournal.com profile] domnall confused the cilantro with dandelion greens. to be fair, both had been in the fridge for awhile and looked similar).

Went up to the Apple store. Alia's battery life off-cable has been laughable. They replaced and all was good.

Now, I'm home (again). Have chocolate cake from AJ's (very decadent, but I feel I've earned it) and a white russian. Must remember to make ice - it helps.

I am happy...
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I have completed catalguing the H park files. I am disgustingly pleased with myself for finishing it.

Admittedly, it means I need to now go back through the first half of the collection and add archeological clearance numbers. But that shouldn't be too bad. I can have the collection done by the end of the week I think.

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So - head home tomorrow. Woot!

I'll admit - this trip has been really good. I've gotten to know the other archivists better (useful, as I'd love to stay here) and had fun. We got off early today, and spent time wandering the Plaza area. I'll admit, I did some shopping - the Spanish food store also stocked North African spices... I now have Ras El Hanout! i apparently was the only one who did any shopping - but i don't much care)

But overall, it's been good. I don't think I've given off the "weirdo" vibe that I do sometimes. *grin* Mind you, I haven't been drinking a ton, but then again, I don't usually. So I don't much care. I have decided to be a bit of a stick-in-the-mud tonight, and opted to not join in the beer-y fun of college football. I just don't like the latter much, and besides - I need sleep I think...

Finally, my phone has started to develop grey lines on the bottom of the screen. Fucker.
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So, thus far, Santa Fe has been very good.

I use that last bit rather loosely - we're moving along quite well on what we can. It turns out that a large amount of stuff that should be here, isn't. We have all decided that "clusterfuck" is a good adjective for it. There are files missing, artifacts that seem to have wandered off, and lots of other stuff that's a bit wrong.

This means it's quite possible everyone will be heading home on Friday at various times.

Bright side though, I am learning quite a bit. Sure, I've been vacuuming books, which is (and everyone admits it) somewhat tedious. But, I'm getting a better idea of collection management and the internal chaos that comes with bureaucracy. ok, maybe that last one isn't as relevant to the field, but it's useful. When we get back to Tucson, Lynn (the head of our department at WACC) is going to do the letter of rec for me (yes!). Even though I've got two from professors, I think hers will help - as I'm really hoping I can stay with them and she's got a good idea of what I've been up to and why I'm qualified.

Plus, it's been really nice hanging out with the archivists and stuff. I've been introduced to sopapillas (where have you been!?) and blue corn tortillas (yum!). The Winter Ale at the place we went to Sunday night wasn't too bad, but we all agreed it wasn't spicy enough and we wanted more of the advertised flavors. Conversation has usually been quite amusing - the misspent youth of some, music, general chaos of other NPS jobs, etc. I've been quite enjoying it all. On Thursday, while the movers are here - Katie (the other student worker) and I are going to hit the Plaza area of Santa Fe. This is because we've never been here, and Lynn and Tef have decided it would be a good thing for us. I'm all kinds of pleased - particularly as in driving to the restaurant last night we passed a place that specializes in Spanish food and cookbooks. I kind of want to check it out...
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Maryland was... frustrating at times. I was exceedingly glad to be back. However, our suitcase got lost in the great void that is United, so I was missing stuff I'd intended to take to Santa Fe.

Overall though - the highlight was Washington DC. I feel like something more substantial is due, but can't think of anything. It was a frustrating trip overall, for multiple reasons. *sigh*

So, after a grand total of less than 12 hours back home, I'm now in Santa Fe. I shall be coming back on Saturday evening. I have a large-ish room to myself here, and we'll all putz out for dinner in a few hours.

Oddly enough, the trip up here was quite nice.
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Well, the first week of work went - oddly enough - swimmingly. I'm slowly falling into the routine, and understanding how things go. It's nice. Also, as an added bonus, I feel like I'm being useful. Which is a very good thing.

The wedding yesterday was nice. The people and hanging out/talking with them was quite fun. Today's plans are... no idea! Woot!
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So, first day at new job.

Verdict: Different. In a good way!

The sheer quietness of the place will continue to surprise me for a while. There's not too much talking, even in the staff/lunch room. However, the people are nice and I think I'll end up learning quite a bit. The other funny thing is the looseness with things like hours - come in when I want to and leave when I want to. Mind you, it's not much of a problem, as I can work pretty much up to 40 hrs/week.

I'm working in archives - which means I'll be working with documents and some negatives. As an added bonus, got to experience the deep freezer. My hands were nicely frozen fairly quickly. Woot!
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Today was nice and productive, granted not in the "clean from top to bottom and eeeepppp!" way.

Managed to find something to wear to the wedding we're going to next week (thank gods). Figure I'll just dredge up some shoes - I should have some somewhere.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall also bought a bike, which is quite nice. If nothing else, the usage of less gas causes joy. We went over to R&R Bicycle, which I'm certainly going to recommend. The guy was knowledgeable, nice, and overall a good experience. With luck, may get a bike closer to the end of the summer/beginning of the school year - will certainly be going back.

In other news, I worked a few hours on Friday at WACC. Certainly a different type of job - I was mainly pulling out staples and labeling folders. Surprisingly, government memos are kind of interesting/funny. It's odd the sheer quietness of the archives, and the building is taking a bit of getting used to. But I quite think I'll like it.

Also, I should post the recipe for cream cheese brownies (affectionately referred to as "crack" by [livejournal.com profile] domnall) from Nigella Lawson. Plus, the 36 Hours in the Times this week is Vienna. *drool*

Got the first wedding gift the other day - this is vaguely off-putting. (In fairness, it's a lovely pair of crystal candlesticks. Which won't get used until we've got a house, but still...)
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Job interview this morning at the Western Archaeological and Conservation Center as an archives tech. Granted, the place is a bit out of the way - but I can easily take public transit there with little to no hassle.

But it's cool! The place is a repository for various National Park stuff...

Also - if anyone's interested, FuglyHorseofTheDay has a nice little post regarding the recent HBO Slaughter Documentary. Namely, she's got the information for the owners and trainers, as well as race records.
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First off, went to Pirates last night. 9:30 showing, lots of us.

Quite, quite fun. Overall, rather better than the second. Visually - pretty. Storyline as well, rather amusing. Granted, there were a few parts that I though were more silly than others, but it's still great fun and worth seeing.

Work's going well. We're getting new computers - hello 22" monitors. *hugs* Next week will start the chaos, what with Orientation and letters going out today. Whee!

Oh yes, and on a final note, Oracle was knocked out of the Louis Vuitton and once again no America's Cup in the States. If it ever goes back to Newport, I may be there in a heartbeat... yes, old news this, but still good to know. *grin*
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Grades are in - two As and three Bs. Happy? Hell yes.

Also, I've got 30 hours a week now with the University College, this means 9 to 4 until the end of June.

I cannot express how happy I am about this. For anyone who remembers last summer (the nightmare), this is the complete opposite. Bills can be paid, and I won't need to mooch off dad more than the part of rent he already pays.

*heaves sigh of relief*

Life is certainly looking up.


Mar. 15th, 2007 03:19 pm
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Work. Dead.

Life. Pretty Good.

What follows is a little cross-section of things over the past few weeks. It's not in any particular order, but there's still some stuff of interest (maybe?) in there.

Granted, when one works in a University of Arizona department during Spring Break, one expects it to be rather dead. *grin* Actually, it's kind of a nice change, considering priority registration starts in a few scant weeks, and then there will be CHAOS!! I've nearly completely finished the project I was given, all that's left is to sort the forms so they can be shipped off where they need to go. Shouldn't take all that long tomorrow. I'm rather proud of myself for some reason. Plus next check will be nice, as I put in extra hours this week. Yay!

School-wise, things are going alright. The usual mess and cycle of classes. Not much else to say - except that I'm looking more forward to next semester when I can apply to Art History. Latin, the second time around, is surprisingly easier. Still need to work (more), but I feel like I'm getting it better - which rocks. Unfortunately, it means I'm fairly busy/tired most nights. This means I don't know how often I'll be able to hit mini painting at Sam and Marina's. Don't think much, if at all, in the near future, as I need to work on so many things. Couple of papers loom menacingly.

[livejournal.com profile] squeeky_v came out last week - which rocked. It's always fun to see/hang out with her. Didn't get to do as much as I wanted with her, but she did come over, spend time with [livejournal.com profile] domnall and I, as well as [livejournal.com profile] avilina and [livejournal.com profile] taranos. She said she had a very good time, which makes me pleased. She played lots of Viva Pinata (Yes, I own it. Don't mock me. *grin*) and played with the loom I bought at Estrella. We also saw Music and Lyrics. Which is a fun little chick flick and has scenes of Hugh Grant doing 80's dance move-thingys. We had a good time. i do need to expand my collection of movies with him - they're wonderfully good background or laze-about movies.

300 was also seen by [livejournal.com profile] domnall and I. Bloody, violent, drool-worthy (oh hush), PRETTY! Really. Really. Pretty. Sure, the character development's a bit rushed, and the costumes aren't accurate (much), but it's still a very nice bit of artwork. Granted, it's mostly digital and all, but oh gods is it lovely.

I've also been trying to make conscious effort to spin. I finished my first bag of roving, and now I need to set the resulting yarn in hot water. I'm proud of myself, even if it's shaky and the yarn is no-where near even. The second bag of roving (a nice dark brown/grey) is a little more smooth, but not by much. I keep needing to get my hands used to it all.

I'm happily playing World of Warcraft. My mage has been re-specced to Fire, and oh how I love it. In tabletop news - the druid's got another spear. I fear nothing. Hee! Also, on Friday night [livejournal.com profile] nicodeamos and his lady - Angie (who is quite cool, btw), came over to play Arkham Horror - which is a board game based on teh Call of Cthulhu RPG. Very fun.

Also, I've started (again) the cross-stitch of my device! It's looking pretty, and much easier since I bought new, smaller, needles! I just need to let everything else settle a little and then I want to hook up my torch and enjoy glass fun!
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Let's see, have been back in Tucson for a nice while now. Granted, the trip back was a pain in the ass as Dallas was closed, and I was in Houston, and there was much chaos...

*headdesk* I got in three hours late. Two of those hours were spent sitting on the tarmac.

Needless to say, now I'm back in town and life is good. Started work again, which is quite good. I honestly really enjoy it down there. Granted, now the Disqualifications and worried parents are crawling out the walls.

Here's a hint to everyone else - LOOK ON THE DAMNED SCHOOL'S WEBSITE! It will have the answer to 99% of your questions. Including what majors this school offers.

So I'm working, and getting everything set for school. Financial Aid is almost all set (need to get the stuff from the state of RI, but that can't be done until the second day of school), which means bills are getting paid off. Damn I like it when that happens. I also need to get the paperwork for becoming a resident. I want in-state tuition...

So school starts on Wednesday. I've got my books, and I'm all set mostly. Taking 5 classes (3 gen eds, 2nd semester latin, and a film history class) and I'm looking forward to them. Particularly the film history. I was looking at one of the books (The Rise of the Horror Film) and it looks really neat.

In other news, the apartment is still a massive mess. Bright side? We're getting the shelves put up on Monday. And I say "getting" because they're wall mounted and for both of our sanities going to get maintenence to put them up. Then everything can get put up (books!) and all will be organized and things shall be good! (Not to mention I'll consider it worthy to have people over to...) Granted, this means they'll also get stained this weekend...

Let's see, to do in the following week that's not school related:
* Buy black fabric for the Revel
* Start Italian dress
* Work on device cross-stitch
* Get everything set for Sable Knight
* Find cord for external hard drive
* Move everything to external hd
* Get paperwork for residency
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Dear Universe - or whatever damned diety controls my frakking life.

Thank you.

Thank you for deciding that it's my fate to go nuts before I turn 21.

Thank you for having kindly decided that work, while good, will also be a pain in the ass - by making it so I call every damned appointment for the next day, which means I have to start at about 3 fucking 30 in order to finish, and even then, I'm finishing at 2 minutes to 5. This was not in my job description when I was hired. I'll do it, but it means I'll neglect everything else until it gets done. And I will end the day tired and stressed. (And yes, the pay's worth it, before and if you were going to ask.)

Thank you for making me tired enough that "fuck" is re-entering my vocabulary.

Thank you for making sure there's a nice bundle of SCA things that, at the time I took them on, I was free, but now seem to have been overtaken by other things.

Thank you for making pre-registration the bane of my existence right now.

Thank you for making my choice of major be one that's turning me hopelessly cynical.

Thank you for making me tired, stressed, and inclined to be about to snap a fair amount of the time.

Thank you for making it so damned hard to keep some commitments (an RP comes to mind *hangs head*).

And finally, thank you for making me actually *gah* enough to post this. To the flist, feel free to ignore, not comment, or whatever. I'm not looking for sympathy, just needed to vent some. Thanks.

-[livejournal.com profile] swordmage
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Been back at school for a week. It's... nice. After the chaos that was this summer, it's nice to have structure in my life.

Granted, that structure invovles classes, homework, and balancing everything... Nonetheless, it's good to be back. And I am happy.

[livejournal.com profile] squeeky_vis in town until Wednesday. [livejournal.com profile] domnall's been very good about letting her hang out at his place. *grin* My apartment's just fine for me, but it's not got enough things to keep her occupied. (I don't cable, and Elspeth, my laptop, travels with me.)

Work's also good. I'm a phone monkey, but it's not bad, and the people I work with are good. Plus is pays well.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall also bought Final Fantasy XI, and I've got a character on it so I can fool around and get a decent idea of an MMORG before I get dragged into WoW...

In short, life is pretty good right now...


Aug. 15th, 2006 03:18 pm
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So, the University College on campus offered me a job. Interview was today - I went in, got job description, said I could do it, and I start Monday. The pay is good and the hours work nicely around my schedule. Granted, I'm not taking a ton of classes, but still...

Job's really just answering phones and making appointments with the College for counseling, as well as tutoring stuff. But it's 20 hours a week and the pay's good.

*is uber-relieved*

Also bought my books and a few other, minor, things for the year. I've just got one thing left to deal with Financial Aid-wise (RI).

I'm only taking four classes, but that should be enough to keep me busy. One computer class, Racing Law and Enforcement (part 1), Development and Management of the Racing Animal, and Latin.

At last, things are finally falling into place...
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It's a job, and I'm quite glad to have it.

I"m working front desk at a local dry cleaning chain - taking dry cleaning/laundry in and giving it back to the customers. It's not a bad job, just repetitive. As of right now, looks like I'll also be working six days a week. (bright side - after two weeks it's possible for that saturday to be time and a half, if i've worked monday to friday.)

Highlands was also quite fun. I have pics, which will be uploaded eventually. Photobucket, just hates me right now. Nice to celebrate with friends at war. I was exceedingly surprised (and quite pleased) with the gift from [livejournal.com profile] domnall, who got me things to make lampwork beads. I still need MAPP gas, and the rods, but those are dealt with. It was just... surprising.

That said - the Project Runway challenge last night included dogs. And Uli won with a pug.

All together now aaawwww.


Jul. 21st, 2006 11:04 am
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I have a job.

I start Monday.


Not at all!


Working counter at a dry cleaners on Campbell. The hours work quite well with my class schedule, and it's not far at all. They're paying well, and it looks like all will be good.


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