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Still a bit sniffly. Coughing less, and it no longer feels like my lungs are being hacked up. Thank god.

However, the NyQuil has stayed down. (For backstory - Sunday night, I discovered NyQuil burns when it goes up your nose.) No issues with the DayQuil. I can at least hear and talk. Which is good.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall's shirts just need to be hemmed and the trim sewn on.

I have scrapped one baking project (cinnamon rolls), but the other is going full-steam ahead tonight (cheesecake).

Have minimal packing to do left.

Up to war tomorrow! Woot!
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At least I'm coughing less and feeling (and looking) better.

Estrella Prep Left
Finish [livejournal.com profile] domnall's shirts
Finish baking

Not too bad - considering I've got two and a half days left...

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Estrella was quite fun. I didn't take as many photos as last year (and I've none of Frogwhip), but there are still some good ones.

As usual, there was shopping. I bought indigo dye, a decent amount of roving, a drop spindle, and an inkle loom (which is also suitable for cardweaving). Plus multiple pairs of earrings and a corset for late period. I am a happy Willa.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall also bought a lovely pair of chairs. They're nice and comfy and fold up well.

Downside, seems I've got a rather nasty cold/upper respiratory infection. Which I need to at least get under control before work tomorrow. The site was rather dusty, which aggravated it. So at leasrt this mornign I didn't wake up with a very nasty cough. Only one slightly less nasty than the past few mornings.

Now I think I'm going to go rest before class at 3.
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Well, it's off to Estrella War on Wednesday morning. I'll be up there until early Monday afternoon. As a result, this weekend was spent finishing getting ready. All I've left is some trim to sew and frogs to attach to a coat and take in the sides of my black dress.

Actually, I'm really tempted not to do that last bit - just too much. I already dyed a dress of mine. The intended scarlet came out more salmon-coloured. *sigh* I've also got bread I intend on making for the household. I just fed Fred, Spawn of Grendal (my starter), so I'll have dough tomorrow.

I've still got some paper-work to finish filling out for Exchequer-y things.

School's not been bad, just busy. It's keeping me occupied, which is always good, but at the same time, I'm going *GRAR*, which isn't so fun. I've got work to do before I go, which is a bit of a pain, but I think I've finished most of it. Small problem with a narrative essay due tomorrow - it seems to be missing some information I appear to need. Which does make parts of it ever so slightly hard.

Damn it, and I want to do well on the assignment.r

Somehow, I think I may need sleep...


Feb. 2nd, 2007 09:29 pm
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Please explain why there arre two bead shows in town currrently (I"m not counting Gem and Mineral), and the vendors I want to hit are at seperate shows?

Arrrow Springs is at Best Bead - I want glass rods and some lampwork tools so I can get back and play with the torch. (There was an accident with some of the glass a while back...)

Anil Kumar, Suraj International, and the San Francisco Bead Company are at Whole Bead - Silver, Indian, and good seed beads are on the other side of town. There's also the people who sell beautiful Afghani things.

And Estrella War is in two weeks. Where there are several classes I intend on taking.

The universe! It hates me!

and once again, i'm having problems with the riheaa... the money which should be here by now isn't. and they're not helpful at all.


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