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Damn it - I love Great Helm. Actually, I love B(o)aronials in general. So fun.

Other than that - back to school tomorrow. Woot! The laptop is nearly done, just some minor details to finish up - drawers and knife sheath mainly.

In SCAdian stuff - got a small shield today to paint with the boy's device for tournament purposes (woot!). I'm also, at least, going to do the line work on his shield so hopefully I can paint it over the weekend. Also, I need to at least start work on some clothing for fighting purposes.

And probably coronation. (Woot! Would be nice if he was authorized by then, but we shall see.)
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What's under the cut is the Viking Laptop thus far. The class is Art 104 - essentially an introduction to 3D Design.

i'm taking it so i can get into the 200-level fiber class. i saw the looms. i want to bond.

Ecce! )
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So, got some of the work on the laptop done today. I painted the keys in preparation for re-labeling the keys. I also (attempted) to make some glass beads for decoration. They're not particularly good, but I'm hoping I'll get a few points for making them myself. With luck, I'll be easily able to get the drawers done this week. Then what's left is detail work, and I don't forsee that posing problems.

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First off - anyone have a copy of Modest Mouse's The Moon and Antarctica? I've got a single song off the album and want the rest.

Let's see, not terribly much going on right now. In my art class I'm remodeling an old (mostly-dead) laptop in a Viking style. I've taken several photos of the process thus far, and I'll have to post them when I get the chance. It's kind of cool. Still needs lots of work, but it should be alright.

Other than that, I've got some other projects I'm working on - namely spinning and trying to get better. I also want to get things together so I can maybe enter bread in the next Baronial A&S.


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