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Home, sweet home.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall and I got in last night - then promptly took showers, changed and headed to [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne's Laurel vigil. Which, I should add, was well worth the early trip back.

Today, we went to Great Helm - the Laureling was wonderful, and then our friend Brian won the rapier champion!

Tonight, need to work on my Viking laptop, and do a few other little things. Including uploading my photos from vacation.

(Incidentally, there was a lovely pair of wolf heads in the Getty Villa that I want to find a way to incorporate into some stuff for the boy.)
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Vacation thus far has been a blast.

Currently we are heading back from Six Flags Magic Mountain. I have successfully conquered my fear of coasters, and hereby declare Tatsu (a coaster where you're on your back hanging down in the harness to simulate dragonflight) to be exceedingly fun. Also went on Scream and Batman (twice), in addition to multiple others. Sadly, it appars X2 is not open yet.

We're going back tomorrow!

Yesterday was the San Diego Zoo and Natural History Museum - there was a show of Pompeiian artifacts and a few casts (including the dog that's all curled up). The zoo meant capybaras!!!! And lots of photos, including some lovely ones in the aviaries. We're hitting the Wild Animal Park on Friday.

Sunday, we went to the evil place - Disneyland. I should note, I have massive issues with Disny as a corporation. One day, I my just write about it. That said, I had lots of fun. The rides were quite fun, I got some great pictures, and the Splash Mountain incident was amusing - even though we're now all suitably hip in Nightmare Before Christmas sweatshirts.

I'm totally looking forward to the Getty and Getty Villa on Thursday.
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Four day weekends are nice. Unfortunately, they tend to leave you wanting more.


Apart from Thanksgiving, not much happened. At least of interest. Saw The Fountain, which was quite good, if a little odd and hard to follow in one or two places. And saw Happy Feet, which damnit, was adorable and I highly recommend.

Also - Tucson lot - know anyone looking for an apartment? Preferably starting in January... Studio apartment within walking distance of UA, all utilities included.


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