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Well, let's start with 50 Books, shall we? In no particular order:

1) Shark's Fin and Sichuan Pepper - I then lent it to my dad whose first comment was "I want to buy a cleaver now." I, already being in possession of a cleaver, bought two of her cookbooks, both for
specific regions. Land of Plenty, which is Sichuanese, and Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook, which is Hunan. There's a bunch of really good stuff in them, and I'm really looking forward to cooking out of it.

2) The Fortune Cookie Chronicles - short, easy, read on take-out Chinese in the US. I'm fairly convinced it's related to an article in the Times a few years ago about the origins of fortune cookies, but damned if I totally know.

3) The Umbrella Academy, Volume 1 - Surprisingly good. I nabbed in on the cheap for the iPhone (Dark Horse is putting out a bunch of trades in such a format) and got sucked in. The James Jean cover art may or may not have been partially responsible.

4) Percy Jackson and the Olympians - The Lightning Thief - I... don't know. I'll probably read the rest, but I don't think it was absolutely wonderful. The characters and the characteristics of their immortal parents were well-done, and the idea was good, but I felt it was... a bit lacking somehow.

The next books sitting on the to-read list are mostly partially-read. Likely, they'll get tossed aside in favor of a history of the Custer Battlefield since 1876 (work reading, title is Striken Field) and You Are Not A Gadget, which I think, based on some skimming, I will both love and hate. Expected reaction shouldn't be as violent as the one to Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which is one of the few books where I've wanted to kill the writer.

Other than that, I went out to fighter practice tonight. I'm not a newbie, I am uber!noob! But, on the bright side, I practiced some simple things with Bryan and am feeling a bit better with stuff overall. With luck, enough friends will be willing to put up with me poking at them for a bit of time once a week, and all shall be good. Did discover I need to retape my tip though - red on black... not so good for my sight. Definitely need to get in better shape, but this is a good reason.

Also working on cleaning the house, which is a slow process. Translation - getting the library and spare bedroom to actually *be* such things. It's working out though, which is a nice thing. It's also rather overdue. (If you can consider it a few months to be overdue.) In the end, jut happy to be getting the house together and everything settled. After Crown - and btw, we'll be there Saturday and a bit of Sunday - we're going to get the yard in order.

Tomorrow, between work and CSA pickup, my plans involve, quite simply, homework. I feel like I'm running a little behind, but really I know I'm ok. Need to finish something for last week, but I should be alright, I think, as it's kind of not too much.

About the only downside to all of this is that one of my eyes seems to be a bit sore/painful. I actually think it may be a stye, but that doesn't make things any less annoying. Combined with the fact that I spent all morning being very sniffly, it's not been a good day in Willa!health.
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So, it turns out that Granger's version of Apicius 7.11.6 is pretty good. I'll admit to using it with a few modifications for my A&S project. (Documentation just needs finished citations. Not the best I could do, but *shrug* I'm pleased I'm entering something.)

I guess I'll drag something out to wear tomorrow. New clothes are definitely a summer project, I think...
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It's always a nice surprise to find out one did better on a paper than expected. A B, albeit a low one, on that damned Photo paper was good. Nearly makes up for the fact that today and Tuesday in the class will be spent listening to Grad Students who don't know how to keep track of time.

Doing test-runs of A&S food this weekend. This should be good. I'm more concerned over the laser sauce than the tracta, but mainly because I"ve never used asafoetida. Ever. As an aside, Cato has directions on how to force-feed poultry. Interesting... Dom should be doing a sausage run, minus casings (which are ordered - for various and sundry reasons and research, went with ordering them online). Of course, now that I think about it, finding time for tests may be less than optimal. Hrmmm...

At any rate, next week have (two) lesson plans due for my ARE class, then that's done. Not many details are available for my Photo or Islamic Art/Architecture finals, and I've got the full list of questions for my Judaic studies class - he'll end up selecting three or four, and we pick two. Final grades seem to be shaping up as a mix of As and Bs. I figure I may as well at least give the illusion of continuing to care. *grin* This is, nonetheless, a nice weight off my shoulders.

And, for amusement - Do I Have Pig Flu?

SCA Stuff!

Mar. 21st, 2009 09:35 pm
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So, Great Helm (Day 1) and Investiture/Feast went very well. Saw lots of people ([livejournal.com profile] avilina and [livejournal.com profile] taranos included *grin*) and all was good. I'll admit, I was a little grumpy/short/etc for some of the day, particularly towards the end of Great Helm as the ibuprofen wasn't entirely kicking in and there was minor nausea. However, a stop for IcyHot patches and one stuck on my stomach made that all better.

should add. a)the favor from [livejournal.com profile] atensibilla rocks, and b)i was really surprised to hear "willa" called during the previous/closing court. i was walking up going "ohpleasedon'tmakeanassofyourselfandhavemisheardpleasepleaseplease"

Usual comments about when [livejournal.com profile] domnall will get out and fight. *sigh* First off - his new helm needs to be padded and drilled, and secondly - it's rather hard to get someone to sit troll for him. Hopefully, the helm will be done by Godawful Grail and he can fight. I really hope so, dammit. I'm nearly ready to recruit help for him on the thing myself.

I, as well, need to get clothing together for rapier stuff. Hrmmm...

Finally, for [livejournal.com profile] scribe_ari: The Sotheby's stuff I mentioned.

And for [livejournal.com profile] ysabet: Digger and [livejournal.com profile] ursulav.
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First off - alas, no Crown for us. I maintain a tiny fragment of hope, but it's very unlikely. *sigh*

It does mean though that, if I'm smart, I'll end up using the weekend to do something useful. Who knows what, though. I've a number of projects that are in various stages that I need. to. finish. It's not that I'm lazy, though there's truth in that statement, or that I'm in a rut, which I'm not. It's simply there are more interesting projects I find myself wanting to start.

What can I say? I'm a dabbler...
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Oddly enough, I am in a very mellow mood right now. And have been for a while now. This is noteworthy because, as those who've spent a large portion of time around me or talking to me know, I am stress. And worry. And so on. So the fact that right now, I'm mostly without it, is quite noteworthy.

I need to pick up things for a SCA projects. I need to finish the new kaftan for [livejournal.com profile] domnall and bag trousers. I need to pick up wool felt for coat appliques and cotton batting for the new set of fighting clothing I'll be sewing him.

Oh right, and I need to sew myself clothing for rapier! Woot! I'm actually rather excited.

Actually, in terms of projects, there are so many floating around in my head. I'm having to rein myself in for several reasons - a)I want to give them proper attention, b)right now, finishing my bachelor's is one of the most important things, and c)money. I'm by no means broke, but I'd like to concentrate on finishing up some things before I start others.

But that little ivory box in my medieval spanish book? The ideas! They abound!

By any chance, does anyone on my flist (and in Tucson) own a copy of Otfried Staudigel's Tablet Weaving Magic? I'm looking for it, and have placed a request to get it at the UA library through InterLIbrary Loan, but WorldCat turned up few copies...

Finally, we have Addressing The Followers The Day After My End-Of-The-World Prophecy Failed To Come True by Brian Dunn. From McSweeney's. Simply because I am amused.

Read more... )
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War, as I said before, went swimmingly.

I bought books - including Anglo-Saxon Food and Drink, Out of the East: Spices and the Medieval Imagination and The Cambridge History of Western Textiles. I forsee at least a minor bit of serious chaos. also grabbed a copy of Cooking Apicius for comparative purposes.

I discovered I actually quite like mead. My only experience prior was with Bunratty, which was far too sweet. The stuff I had over the week(end) however, was really good. If anyone knows how I can get a bottle of two from White Wolf Meadery, I will happily pay for it.

Really though, my goal this war was simply to sit back and relax, maybe get a class or two in (took [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne's 10 Books class), and get some volunteering in (about seven hours total). The sit back and relax part was easy - hang out with friends and talk. The two best nights were those I spent at the Baronial fire. They were quiet (comparatively), fun, and exceedingly pleasant. Amusing stories, talking with [livejournal.com profile] richarddbrewer about bread (and yeast), and tasty, tasty mead.

Also, the Blue Bottle Brandy from Sable Ax is a thing of great joy. Hell, I'm just immensely fond of the household and the people in it.

It was also a war where I kind of got my head in a better direction, SCA-wise. If that makes any sense. This was my fourth Estrella, and it was one where I was looking at alot of things and thinking "I like that, is it possible for me to make it myself?"

So now, I'm full of ideas, and life is pretty good.

Well, apart from this annoying cold...
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After having slept for almost 12 hours (mostly non-stop), I am a happy Willa.

Car is unpacked and most stuff is in the storage unit. Now, to get everything washed...

War itself was lovely. Had a good time - saw friends, hung out, and had fun. What more can one ask for? Also, "Spiffy" is the word of the week for me.

The pop-up also shall be no more. With luck, we shall have a new pavilion by Southern. The choices however, is completely eep! We shall have fun looking at them, methinks. Currently, the carousel round is tempting - [livejournal.com profile] domnall kind of fell in love with one in the camp next to us. Anyone have comments/input on various styles? Likes/dislikes/etc?

Of course, that'll mean we need at least one silk banner. Hrmmm...

Also, I'll likely be doing the LibraryThing-Thing soon. I created a profile, and while there's nothing there yet - at all - it'll be a matter of time. The library is small, but anyone want a history of whaling, Lives of the Indian Princes, or the Complete Gilbert and Sullivan? I've got it. The DVDs can go a spreadsheet for the time being, we can cope. I'd like to be able to lend our books out. We've got some stuff that I, at the least, consider to be good. Or that people may be interested in.

In short, I am a happy and content Willa. We've some nice steaks defrosting in the sink, and my dad's over for dinner. We shall upload photos in the next day or so, and if anyone's interested, I'll upload and briefly mention the things I bought from Gaukler.
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So, most of you who have spoken to me (or read my lj...) recently have heard that I'm debating the wisdom of attempting to make this gown.

Now, issues at hand include the fact I know very little about early/mid 16th century German clothing and the fact that I'm currently in the midst of some indecision. I know I want the high neckline, and likely either the same color or one very similar. i'm not seeming to see anything in the paintings in blues and silvers, which would likely be my chosen colors. however, there's something so warm about the reds and golds...

Now, I'd very likely use a pattern for this gown - Reconstructing History's Saxon (Cranach) Gown. I am nowhere near enough a confident seamstress to try something like this without at least some help.

Images of the style aren't particularly hard to find it seems - here and here for example.

Of course, there's that nagging thought of "I probably couldn't pull this off."

Input from all would be most welcome...
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After the craziness of yesterday, today is far better.

Got up, cleaned, and Catan is currently over and helping [livejournal.com profile] domnall organize Exchequer-y stuff.

Did I mention we've cleaned? You can see the floor! And all the laundry has been tackled. (Except for the SCA clothing, but that'll be done during the week. There's not too much of that to do. Granted, there's also quite a bit to finish, but that shouldn't be bad either...)
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I need to dredge up some of my Alice In Wonderland/Charles Dodgeson-related nonfiction...

That said - today was good. Not that Saturday's Sable Knight wasn't, but today was enjoyable overall.

Even if we did leave home with one shield and come home with two. I learned - if you can't find [livejournal.com profile] domnall on the field, look for him in the shield wall. They're currently both propped up in what passes for a hallway in this apartment.

And they're both going to war with us - I forsee some interesting games of tetris. I think it's also going to mean it may be practical to look into a period pavilion over the course of the next year...

At any rate - even if I wasn't as social as I was on Saturday, I still had a good time. And since he so rarely updates his lj, [livejournal.com profile] domnall had a good time as well. Apart from a bit of worry involving his back - was coming down off a hay-bale and was knocked backwards onto his back - all is good. But he was quite pleased, and we should be starting to come out to Tuesday more regularly. his new(er) helm shall also be done by estrella, damn it

I, on the other hand, shall be assimilated into the rapier blob.

In other news, not a massive amount of Estrella sewing - coat, tunics, and pants for [livejournal.com profile] domnall (all rather simple, and from the current stash) and a few under-dresses for me. I'm going to need to order more linen for new fighting stuff for him - gambeson, pants, and possibly coat of some type. But that's post-Estrella.

And now, I'm going to collapse. Sleep!
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So, I've finally got an excuse* for a set of SCA clothing in a Middle Eastern style (of some ilk).

Eeep! Information overload! Suggestions for good basic sites?

*i say excuse simply because i like having a cause/reason for some of my stuff. or something like that...
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So, the big thing I managed this week was to sew new clothing for [livejournal.com profile] domnall. (And an underdress for myself.) And, if I do say so myself, it looked pretty good. Mind you, it needs some work, namely actual, working, closures. I'm thinking I may take it in a little on the sides, just to fit it better, but I'm unsure.

When he says "I could live in this," I'll take it as a good sign. *grin*

Besides, god damn it, I actually finished it. Ha! Yes, the picky part of me points out that all the hems were machine-done. And there was interfacing used. However it was linen, and I made the buttons (it's the little things!), it looked very good. Particularly as I've not made anything like this before. I think I did pretty well, all things considered.

Let's see, [livejournal.com profile] domnall is now Exchequer. I forsee much chaos, and fully intend on doing as much as I can to help him. (Read as: make sure he gets food/water at events. Make sure everything gets out before events. If he's the only one at troll and needs to run an errand - hold the fort down until he returns by telling people to hold their horses.)

Along with this comes the fact that he's planning on getting back out onto the hardsuit field. Hrmm... exchequer plus hardsuit will equal some work. He's planning on fighting at Sable Knight, and we'll be at War Practice. Both things are good. On the downside however, I highly doubt that he'll be able to fight in Baronial tourneys/events for at least a small while - but who knows, we'll see. Simply my personal views on the matter, though.

The weekend, overall though, was really good. On Saturday, a new baron and baroness elected! Woot! And there were people to see and talk to! And I was a suitably space-cadet prior to coffee. (I swear, my brain hates me sometimes. I really think I lack short-term memory occasionally.) I was once again reminded that we should be more social - there were at least a few comments of "we need to see more of you guys." I think we certainly will be more social. I constantly forget how much I enjoy hanging out with some people...

Estrella To Do:
* Make hats and coats.
* Make another kaftan, pair of bag trousers, and two underdresses. Sure, we'll be wearing stuff multiple times, but I don't care.
* Repair all existing stuff that's coming.
* Sew fleece for bedding.
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First off, my first pair of bag trousers for [livejournal.com profile] domnall is almost done. Black linen, and they look quite snazzy, if I do say so myself. Of course, he's not tried them on yet, so all could be for naught.

As an addendum - he just mentioned that he quite likes the linen. I think we'll be using our current stash for lining purposes and just buying more linen. There's a nice difference. The wool gabardine I've got is going towards my own stuff... And we got a rotary cutter. Actually, several... And they're lovely!

When I got back from Santa Fe, our thermal bentos arrived! Woot! Last year, I sort of stumbled across them, and got a kick out them immediately. Small boxes you pack with food. What's not to like? I had been looking around for some thermal ones, that could be used for soup and the like for a while. The biggest problem though, was finding one that would fit [livejournal.com profile] domnall's appetite. I eventually just gave in and ordered two from J-List. We used them earlier this week for split-pea soup, and they worked wonderfully! My goal is to keep up with the bentos. They help me make sure I eat lunch (a long-standing problem) and, in a random way, encourage me to eat better. I want to try making little apple pies/turnovers for them.

Another thing I got (more) interested in last year was ethical eating, best described by the SLOW food movement. I found the blog Ethicurean, which directed me to a number of good books. (One of those being the infamous Bottomfeeder, of my father, upon reading it, said "the rape of the seas, now i feel more guilty about shrimp!" he's been mostly using shrimp and chicken as protein for the last several months. if you have questions on making thai food - he's the one to ask.) But at any rate, we're working on slowly cutting more and more processed food out of our diets. If it can't be pronounced, yeah...

The other thing that happened, which rocked, was that we joined Tucson Community Supported Agriculture. We're getting better about using the produce from it, but in my opinion, it's quite worth it. The variety is fun, we've been introduced to some things, and I like supporting local farmers. I was completely stoked to see what has become my favorite type of green onions in last week's haul. I'tol'i onions. Tasty, tasty goodness!

I did also finally try Mark Bittman's infamous no-knead bread. Dear god, where has it been? Not that I don't love the kneading and everything with slow-rises, but, this was very little work for a lovely result. Good crust, nice crumb, good taste. I was pleased...

Finally - any friends who have video games or DVDs of ours. Could you give me a heads up with what you've got? Dom and I want to pull everything we've got in so we can inventory it all.
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I just happen to be fond of Alia...

At the least, stuff is going well. School starts tomorrow, though I don't have any classes until Thursday. I'm taking four classes, and I anticipate that they should be at least marginally interesting. I do need to make sure that I get my graduation stuff in order soon, the less I worry about it, the better.

Have cut out new stuff for [livejournal.com profile] domnall, it should be done by polling. With luck, I may be able to finish an underdress as well for myself. I anticipate good events the next two weekends, at any rate. Even if I'll likely be wearing the same stuff... *grin*

Bed sounds like a lovely concept right now. I think I'll be off.
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I am exceedingly glad we went to today's event, even if we had to leave early - final tomorrow morning. *sigh* Now, if only Hasaki would post my mid-term grade so I can get my timesheet in... Need to know if I'm going to take the final.

However, I got the fox pelts cut up for hats. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne's instructions - even if I did blank and think she meant a straight razor instead of electric shaver. *headdesk* I'd be clueless and they'd end up totally mangled otherwise. Instead, we shall have hats for Estrella!)

[livejournal.com profile] domnall's got his 40k army (as of now) base-coated, and is happily painting them. They look quite nice - not as good as [livejournal.com profile] dverning's, but he's just starting. *grin*

I don't think tomorrow's final will end up being all that miserable, answer 64 out of 70 questions multiple choice, and I've got a passable grasp of contemporary Chinese history/civilization. (What? I have had peculiar reading choices over the years.)

Honestly, I'm feeling cheerier than I have for several days. The semester's almost over, and nearly all our Christmas shopping is finished. Unfortunately, my father is exceedingly hard to shop for sometimes, and this was one of them - until I found Paul Theroux's new book Ghost Train to the Eastern Star, which is about taking the same trip he took in The Great Railway Bazaar 30 years ago.

Deciding factor? *skims* "Hrmmm... I think I may need to borrow this!"
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Let's see what's going on in Willa's world...

A) Semester is rapidly coming to an end. Grades are a mixed bag, as usual. *sigh and shrug*

B) Have started the application process for grad school. Have asked both teachers who I want to write me letters - and both have agreed. Need now to ask my boss. Even though I only need two letters, I think having that third will help. I'm putting archiving as one of my interests and it shouldn't hurt.

C) Extra time in Santa Fe! Also, if I get into grad school - they're going to look into keeping me.

D) Thanksgiving plans are puttering along. I have, in my finite wisdom, decided to cook everything myself. well, [livejournal.com profile] domnall is certainly helping. Granted, this is probably actually less work than it sounds like. It's also serving as a jump-start for general cooking. I cleaned the fridge - a depressing thing, as I should have done it a week ago - and now need to re-fill it.

E) I have wool and linen. Since [livejournal.com profile] domnall and I both need new SCA stuff, I decided to bite the bullet and order a better-quality of fabric. Viking-era, here we come! (Also - where in particular do you lot go for leg-wraps...?)

Also - [livejournal.com profile] budgetscadian

F) Also, there shall be sewing of pj-pants. Need to get some fleece though...

G) Damn it - I may not be a total period-perfectionist, but I'll admit, the troll over on you-know-where really annoyed me. Yes, yes, I know, troll... Shouldn't grouse... It did remind me, again, that I really need to make sure I have appropriate head-coverings for Estrella.

Thus far, Estrella purchase plans are more along the lines of supplies for various things. (and trying not to drool over any of this stuff, namely the first set of brooches...)

And finally - damn this illness going around. My dad had it at one point (he told me over the phone), [livejournal.com profile] domnall had it, and now I do. Unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of being able to take sick days - namely because I'm running a bit short on cash right now - and so have been drugging myself up and going to work.
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War was, bluntly, a blast.

Officially - we were camped in the nebulous form that was centered around Sable Axe - the household a good friend of ours (Bryan/Arion) belongs to. The household is headed by a great Baron and Baroness (one Friedrich (maker of the apple brandy that brings joy, I should add) and his wife Katrina), who were quite fun to be with. Many, many thanks to [livejournal.com profile] reynier for offering the space. There was also Lorelai, and not-quite-attached-but-not-turning-down-pancakes [livejournal.com profile] dverning and [livejournal.com profile] weavedancer.

I spent the majority of my war it seems either at Troll or down at the rapier field. (Which made sense, as I was surrounded by rapier fighters...) Yeah, I didn't submit all the Troll hours, but still...

[livejournal.com profile] domnall (who seems to keep lj around solely for the purposes of lurking/commenting *sigh*) mostly lived at Troll. Primarily, there was no space in the car for his armor. Aside from that, the new helm actually needs to get the holes drilled in it. There's also the small matter of his gorget - which is somewhat warped, and is causing him to worry. (Naturally, this wasn't noticed until after he'd bought it.)

When he goes out on Tuesday nights, I've decided I'll give rapier a shot.

[livejournal.com profile] domnall also got to try out his ebelskiver pan again. This time, with the Pumpkin Spiced Pancake Mix (which he bought for the tin, I should add) and apple butter filling. To say they were a hit was an understatement - and people, they'll make an appearance at Estrella, whether you got them or not. We shouldn't be hard to find.

We got everything packed up yesterday at a nice time, and were set to head out before what was looking to be a large and nasty storm. The wind and dust were annoying, but we coped. *grin* Our lot got set, then went to help [livejournal.com profile] raventhourne and [livejournal.com profile] posadnik_ivan get everything packed, followed by a woman who was camped near them from Mons. The wind really was getting nasty, and the lighting was pretty. When we hit the flying away popup, I told [livejournal.com profile] domnall to stay in the car. The dust seemed to be picking up, and as he was driving, didn't want him to spend the trip hacking. Dust + boy = misery.

Stopped at the Sauce on Oracle/Ina to get dinner before we got home. Called dad, and he joined us, which was nice. Need to upload photos later (even though I didn't get a ton).

Today - I decided to make use of my Dean's Excuse to get one more day of sanity. Going to go into work early and get some extra hours in. Blues Traveler tonight!
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GRE is finally over, thank the gods.

The nice thing about taking it as a computer-based test was that I got my grades immediately. And the result was satisfying - not abysmal, but respectable. I am quite pleased.

Mind you, the cost of this was that we did not go to Coronation. While I am rather sad about this fact, at the same time, the call of getting stuff together for grad school was a wee bit more important.

As an aside - looking like it may be just [livejournal.com profile] domnall and I again this year at Southern. The other parties have all had things come up recently, in some cases very, very not good, and so there's a good chance they'll be unable to make it... *shrug* So be it.
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*deep breath*


So, apart from being unable to get any work on my sculpture done this morning (ggrrrrr), I am happy. Since I was on campus, I decided to stop by and see one of the professors I want a letter of rec for. She happily agreed (!) and we talked a little about grad school for me. Went well, I am happy. And a teensy bit less worried about it all.

The first order of fabric (linen, to be exact) has arrived. It's lovely - I'm looking forward to using it. This is mostly destined to be new SCA clothing for [livejournal.com profile] domnall, and I fully intend to actually take a little more time with it and make sure it's good. What I'm really looking forward to is getting the wool. Now, I'll need buttons... (any recommendations?)

It's nice overall, we've been working around the apartment. Actually, [livejournal.com profile] domnall is doing most of the cleaning, I've been doing school-work. It's been frustrating to try and live in a messy apartment - can't find things and all that fun stuff. That said, it's a slow process, but things are looking up.

Plans this weekend involve GRE and, well, baking. I need to bake... It's hitting that point where it's becoming a calling. *grin*

And possibly in the realm of TMI: This new BC had better adjust, and soon. I haven't been this miserable during the "off" week in a long while.


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