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Jun. 26th, 2007 12:42 pm
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Defenders of Secrets, Unite!

This is a little NYTimes blip about the final Harry Potter book. Actually, it's one of those Readers Comments pages. Actually, kind of interesting - for multiple reasons.

Some people are genuinely excited for it, but there's also a fair amount of hatred in it. Hatred mainly because people perceive the series as, well, lousy. We get the old comments of magic is bad and the series isn't good for children because of the darkness in it. There's also the standard (and what I agree with) statement of "Damn you all - the young 'uns are reading. can't you see how good this is!?

My view on it all? Plain and simple - it's a book series. Granted, I was pretty much foaming at the mouth when The Amber Spyglass came out - and rushed to the library first thing I could to get it. i was broke. the library was/is my best friend for things like this Maybe because of that I shouldn't be talking. But then again, personally, I feel Pullman works on a few more levels than Good vs Evil.

Granted, part of me thinks it's gone commercial. Really commercial. You see Harry Potter everything. And on a level, that bothers me. I know a large amount of it is because of the movies, but there's something repulsive to me (and I can't put my finger on exactly what it is) about it all...

This is in no way meant to be a statement that I don't like Harry Potter. Not at all. I find the books well-written and engaging. Quite. They're fun. (Pullman can get a little social commentary at times.)

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Anyone interesting in a Founders Era HPRPG here on lj, talk to me.


Spread the word.

psst - [livejournal.com profile] daybreakrpg...
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Title: Untitled
Author: [livejournal.com profile] swordmage
Sue Name: Serenity Serenissima
Love Interest(s): Harry Potter
Rating: G

*headdesk* )

Really, I have no clue why I wrote this. There's a longer version that I may post of The Pit, for amusement's sake, but I'm not sure. If I don't post it now, I'm not going to. I sort of dislike it, but...

I have no clue.

This time in a week, I'll be at school.
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Pratchett anger at Rowling's rise

Full article under cut. Because I can. )

I think "anger" is a bit too strong of a word to use here, he came across as more annoyed to me. Seemed like it was because she, a relative newcomer to writing, is being given credit for revitalizing a stuffy old genre (something fantasy most definitly is not).

Sure, the traditional idea is that it's all knights rescuing damsels in distress, but there's a large number of books that don't fall into the category-Neil Gaiman's work comes to mind automatically, as does Jennifer Fallon, and many others whom I'm thoughtlessly forgetting.

Rowling deserves credit in the book world, without a doubt, but I think Pratchett's got a point or two.

EDIT: Neil Gaiman's got a bit more on the subject. And he makes more sense.
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I'll admit, I didn't have the highest hopes coming into the book. Order of the Phoenix, while good wasn't my favorite, and I was tempted to say that the series peaked at some point during the course of Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire.

However, I was proved wrong. Half Blood Prince ended up being very good.

Even though I think the flist has all read the book, spoilers are still under a cut. )

Not very long, but it's all I can think of right now.

More later.

Got It!

Jul. 20th, 2005 09:54 am
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I've got Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I can finally join the rest of the world!


It should also be noted I'm currently in possesion of the ten volumes of Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels. (How I love libraries...) This fact makes me extremely happy, as does that I was able to find a copy of his BBC Neverwhere series.

I'm all set for a very enjoyable next 24 hours.

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Am I the only one who thinks JKR/her lawyers/publishers/etc are going a bit overboard?

Spoilers are a part of life in this age-there are spoilers for books, movies, tv shows, you name it. We accept them, and know they're out there and easy to find.

So why the extra security over Half Blood Prince?

Yes, it's an obscenly popular series. But does that make it much different from any other book or movie? I understand the want to preserve the surprise of what's going to happen, it's part of the joy of reading a book. But when about a dozen copies are accidentally sold, must the people be asked to return the books unread and swear not to talk about them? Seems a bit excessive. The security around them? Again, excessive. I doubt that, eager though they may be, fans will storm the warehouses they're being held in.

By now, all the books are in place for release on Friday night, at a standard, pre-set time (so those in Australia don't et them before those in the US and UK). The best thing to do is let the spoilers stay out there, I suspect that the people who read them already have purchased the book, or are planning to do so very quickly. It's not going to seriously (if at all) affect sales-a few copies here and there aren't going to make a difference in the 10 million plus already sold.

But no matter what, spoilers or not, around the world, fans will be lining up tomorrow night to get their hands on the book. Nothing now is going to stop this from jumping to the top of any best-seller list it's not already on. It's been anticipated for a few years*, and it's going to be flying off shelves like as if it was only going to be on sale for a few hours.

*-Two years (has it been that long?) isn't that bad really, I waited four for The Amber Spyglass, which was well-worth it. This'll probably be the same. And yes, two years is still a crazy amount of time to wait for a book you seriously want to read. especially when you're young.


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