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Getty Museum - March 2008

Photos from the Getty Center/Museum.


Mar. 26th, 2008 12:03 pm
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Getty Villa Photos

Some aren't too good, and some I was an idiot with and didn't make note of time or place (Bad!Willa). Overall though, there's some good stuff...
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Back to the grindstone...

On a brighter side - about half the stuff I thought was due this week is in fact due in the next few weeks. So things aren't quite as chaotic as I thought they were.


Hard to believe I have about half a semester left of my first year of college. I still need to get a place to live for this summer/next year. I think things should end up working out quite nicely there. I intend on staying here for a number of reasons, though I'll go back for a week or so to make sure that my family in New England knows I'm alive and well.

Besides, I could only deal with sleeping on the couch for about a week or so...

Lots of nice Baronial stuff this past weekend. I was only able to make a few hours on Saturday (the day where the weather was actually nice), but I stayed the entire time on Sunday. Quite fun, and for those who care, I've got a few pictures...

Tonight I'm spending the night down at work. We've got a new foal, Pickle (she was born about a week ago). However, her mother died, and so she's an orphan. As a result, she needs to be fed and people are taking shifts and doing them whenever they can. She needs to be fed every three hours, and so I'll end up with lots of time to do more school-work. Mixed-bag (up all night, but it'll make me do my school-work), but it'll be good for me.

And to finish up, I shall provide Pickle photos.

Orphaned foal cuteness )

ETA: Tonight shall be spent in my own bed as Laura (boss) just called and told me that one of the mares is due, and so there will be students out there on foal watch. So she's pressing them into service as they'll be there all night anyway.


Jul. 18th, 2005 11:30 pm
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In puttering around my stuff, I came across this picture. It's one of only a few taken in the last few years of me, and I rather like it. this is before the Senior Dinner, an event I was determined to look good at. Being a bit of a wall-flower and not inclined to stand out, I wanted to go out with a bang.

Which I did.

Save your flist page, despite the fact that it really isn't that big. )

Unfortunatly, I seem to lack any pictures of graduation itself. i was wearing a ten foot long gold scarf/wrap I borrowed from a friend (the same person who lent me the jacket and shirt I'm wearing in that picture). I looked really nice for once.


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