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Got to Tucson about 2:30-ish. Found out I had no wireless in the room. Freaked out. Was already in a snappy mood as I was (and still am) slightly jetlagged, blessed with a bad headache, and anxious as all hells.

Called dad to see if he could find out when early check-in was. He said 3, so I grumbled as I wasn't going to make it. Just checked the ResLife and found out it ended at 7. As it does tomorrow and Friday. At which time I'm going to be in Orientation.


To top it off, now that I'm here, SeriouslyWorrying!Willa has decided to show up. Making my temper even shorter.

Hell-I'm just a complete mess right now.


Aug. 16th, 2005 08:17 pm
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This time tomorrow (Newport, not Tucson time) I shall be in Arizona. It will about 5 pm, and I shall be happy.

Flight leaves at nine tomorrow morning, leave the house at six. Thankfully, Southwest allows three pieces of checked luggae instead of the two I thought it did. Therefore, I can apprehend a duffel and I'll be all set. We have a single stop-over in Kansas City. *insert pathetic woot here*

Also, in an attempt to make my legs seem less corpse-like, I have resorted to Neutrogena "Endless Summer." As a result, I am sitting in the bathroom until it sinks in and I can put on pants or something.

Finally, my hair has been cut. It looks almost exactly the same, but much neater. Mom's got a new digital, and took some pictures the other night at my grandmother's. More pictures of me in the course of five minutes then in the last five years. I'll stick them on my computer and upload one or two when I get a chance.

So, next update will be from Tucson. *insert very happy woot here!*
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I'm working Tuesday, which is nice. I need the cash.

I leave a week from Wednesday, which I'm still finding odd.

I need to finish up my fic for [livejournal.com profile] anaid_rabbit really soon. It's pretty much finished, but I'm having some issues and so it's not been posted.

Am also half-thinking of doing the [livejournal.com profile] pottersues fic challenge.

I'm not sure if I'm tired or not. At any rate, I feel about to collapse for some reason.

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I have officially decided that I'm going to enjoy myself as much as possible during these last few weeks.

I'm also in the process of uploading much of my good stuff onto the laptop. I've been doing it sort of slowly, and now am determined to just get it all on.

[livejournal.com profile] flash9891-I'm probably not going to have a strong and steady internet connection for a few days, but when I next talk to you, I've got lots of early U2, as well as some Randy Newman.
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Tomorrow is Saratoga. I'm bringing my camera and will get the pictures on a disc so you all can enjoy. Full review and such will be in the near future.

That said, I met Tom today and the next several hours were spent randomly driving around the island, at Barnes and Noble, and other places. It was very fun and great to see him. Reminded me of how many friends I'm going to miss when I go to Tucson.

Three weeks until I leave...
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So I'm 19 today.

I sure as hell don't feel it. I've been in a somewhat low mood since I woke up and for some reason am feeling rather weird.

I don't feel any older (but then again, I didn't when I turned 18) and I don't feel like I should be going to college in a month.

But I am. So obviously something's going on.

Gah, I'm just so... I have No idea...
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I'm writing this sitting outside in my (tiny) backyard with the parakeet above me and the guinea pig beside me. There's a slight breeze and the temperature is so completely perfect-a wonderful cool, but not cold and with tjust the right amount of warmth. If that makes any sense.

Sunset may be my favorite time of the day, here it's dry and slowly getting darker. You can hear birds (Loki, the parakeet, is talking to them) and other than that, it's relatively quiet.

I turn nineteen tomorrow, which just seems so odd. I don't feel nineteen, I don't exactly feel like I should be about to start college either.

That said I'm happy.

And I've got an AIM sn (finally got around to it, as AOL is now gone for good). Should anyone want to talk, I can be found at SwordMage86


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