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Got up this morning and headed over to The Drawing Studio. I needed to get an observation in for my Art Ed class, and as I've no desire to deal with school art classes, my prof suggested them.

Duuuude. I didn't even know they existed, and now I'm thinking about possibly taking a class there or something. I sat in on a bit of a colored pencil class, which was interesting and fun. But TDS also offers 3-D, various 2-D mediums, and joy of joys printmaking.

I keep telling myself I need to start at least drawing on a more regular basis. (I've got the sketch pads and the materials... *sigh*) I think it would certainly be nice to take a class or two, even if only to jumpstart the creative bits and pieces of my brain.

As an aside, the article on Oaklawn in the times makes me all kinds of happy.
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In honor of Saturday, I give you all this. (Not rooting for Big Brown, for several reasons.)

It's the 1973 Belmont. Secretariat, who honestly was one of the best horses of all time, in a race that still leaves me in awe.

If you're going to retire them young, I won't argue as much if they're this good. Eventually, I'll pick up the photo of that stretch run.
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Oh Fuck.

That did not look good.
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An interesting weekend. Good, but interesting. Started off with Battlestar Galactica on Friday night at [livejournal.com profile] avilina's place. Damn you girl! You have me addicted to BSG. *glares* As usual, a good time.

Slept in on Saturday morning, then went to work. That charming job I have which pays next to nothing and I work very hard at. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, I do like my job, I really do. Don't think I'll keep it this summer, but it's good right now, not many hours (small annoyance) and not many days. *shrug*

I was then dragged out Saturday night. *headdesk* Let's not really talk about that one, shall we? Leave it at that I was going to kill someone, but have decided it's really not worth it. It was a few hours of annoyance, and then by the end, things got a bit better. Which was nice.

Though it meant I really slept in on Sunday. Where I also went to Rillito with dad, and met up with Jon and Pete (fellow RTIPers). Now that was a fun day. Rillito is one step up from the greyhounds. Really. Dad pointed out that it's as close to the (real) dogs as he wants to get. Still though, it's a fun place. Small track, only about six furlongs, and a mixed meet of Thoroughbreds and Quarter Horses. Please note, I know nothing about Quarter Horses. At all. near as I can tell, the strategy is "hang on for dear life as they bolt towards the finish." It's fast, without a doubt. But I don't htink I like it as much as Thoroughbreds.

Anyway, Rillito's bottom of the barrel. They race six weekends a year, and draw a decent crowd. Of course, that crowd is one that could be considered lousy by many standards. But it's a fun place to be. As Jon put it, though in a slightly different context (he'd been talking fair meets), there's a certain charm to it, it's more real.

Today was classes and such. Followed by a trip to the mall to get a new watch, as mine decided to die. *sigh* Now I'm watching The Statement, which is very good.


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