Nov. 28th, 2008 12:20 am
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That was a very good Thanksgiving.

First off - in my complete sanity, I did all the cooking. For eight. We had [ profile] domnall and myself, my father, [ profile] churchofwonk, [ profile] elinor_dear, [ profile] reynier, and my aunt and uncle. Admittedly, our conversation turned horribly geeky near the end, leaving the older generation out, and I feel a little bad. But everyone seemed at least to have enjoyed it all and left happy.

There was turducken, green beans, garlic mashed potatoes, a butternut squash/sweet potato soup, parsnips roasted with maple syrup (quite good), andouille sausage wrapped in bacon (don't ask, [ profile] domnall was responsible...), and biscuits. For dessert there were pumpkin, pecan, and mince pies. The jar of cranberry jelly was unopened as the can opener had trotted off into hiding.

Afterwards there was geekiness - gaming talk and much laughter over my attempts to play Portal.

All in all - fun, good food, and I am happy. My desire to cook is rising rapidly. Also, I may start looking into those gel things for kitchens... Or a specific pair of shoes for cooking. (People seem to like crocs, at least according to a post recently on The Kitchn.)
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Let's see, Christmas was good. Felt odd to not have it with a little pug wandering sleepily around then falling asleep in the wrapping paper.

Got the usual small haul - clothes, jewelry, a gift card or two, some cash, cookbooks, and a number of small useful or onamental knick-knacks which are quite snazzy.

Went to the grandmother's house for Christmas dinner, where there was family and some friends and much chaos. As usual. Not bad - I wasn't taken over the coals for anything and the food was good.

Now it's just another few days here adn then back to Tucson - woot!
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Thanksgiving was nice - quiet. Apart from me having a spazz moment and forgetting essential brownie ingreients (I suspect it amused the pair of males I was with), which meant no brownies, it was nice. [ profile] domnall and I went to my dad's place, which meant that [ profile] domnall got to listen to dad and I ramble about way to many topics. *grin* Dad made jambalaya (yummy!), we stuck in Chasing Amy and all was good.

Also clipped Bartholomew's wings - which was quite amusing... It knocked him down a few notches and resulted in nearly complete silence except for when he hopped onto dad's shoulder and started being Mr. Cute.

Honestly, it was quite good. Much though I do like the chaos of my extended family's holidays, it was nice to spend it just with dad and the boy. For so many years, it's been somewhere around 15 people, with various others stopping by. It just made a very time to only be with two other people and not answer the endless questions about how life's been for me, and instead debate whether or not Apocolypto is worth seeing based on previous Mel Gibson films and the other films coming out (or already out) this season.

And chicken and ham jambalaya made a very nice change from the traditional turkey and stuffing.

Granted though, this now means the start of the holiday season of DOOM. I still need to get some presents for people. I like Christmas because it means I get to get things for people. Don't know why, but I just do. it's nice seeing people's reactions when they get presents. Makes me happy. *grin*

I don't like the fact that the Christmas season starts right after Halloween, but it's the way things are. And I'll grumble and all that, but I'll live...

Granted, I've now got a four day weekend - well, I'm now left with three days. There's still homework to do, and I'll probably do a few fun things (movies!), but right now, life is... good.
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So, back in classes.

Upon hearing that I was taking Latin, my mother asked if I was a masochist. *grin* With Latin, quite possibly.

Also, in case anyone cares, I'm taking Racing Laws and Enforcement, Development and Management of the Racing Animal, and Microcomputing Applications.

eerrrmmm, woot?

The Maternal Unit and sister ([ profile] squeeky_v), arrived in town on Saturday. MU leaves the 23, and Pippa the 30th. Friends in Tucson, be prepared to have her tag along to various and sundry. You can check with [ profile] domnall, she's a good kid.

Even if the two of them decided that it would be fun to randomly start tickling and/or poking me. *sigh* Why did I introduce them again? Oh yes, because it was inevitable - I can't seem to get rid of the boy. (A fact which, I will admit, I am glad of. For some reason.)


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