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Dear Universe - or whatever damned diety controls my frakking life.

Thank you.

Thank you for deciding that it's my fate to go nuts before I turn 21.

Thank you for having kindly decided that work, while good, will also be a pain in the ass - by making it so I call every damned appointment for the next day, which means I have to start at about 3 fucking 30 in order to finish, and even then, I'm finishing at 2 minutes to 5. This was not in my job description when I was hired. I'll do it, but it means I'll neglect everything else until it gets done. And I will end the day tired and stressed. (And yes, the pay's worth it, before and if you were going to ask.)

Thank you for making me tired enough that "fuck" is re-entering my vocabulary.

Thank you for making sure there's a nice bundle of SCA things that, at the time I took them on, I was free, but now seem to have been overtaken by other things.

Thank you for making pre-registration the bane of my existence right now.

Thank you for making my choice of major be one that's turning me hopelessly cynical.

Thank you for making me tired, stressed, and inclined to be about to snap a fair amount of the time.

Thank you for making it so damned hard to keep some commitments (an RP comes to mind *hangs head*).

And finally, thank you for making me actually *gah* enough to post this. To the flist, feel free to ignore, not comment, or whatever. I'm not looking for sympathy, just needed to vent some. Thanks.

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May. 11th, 2006 09:07 pm
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First year of college.


It's been a very good one. There's been much that's happened that has ended up making my life mine.

And better.

So now all my stuff's at dad's (thanks [livejournal.com profile] avilina and [livejournal.com profile] domnall). It'll remain here for a few weeks, until I move into my apartment on June 1.

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Two finals left and then I'm done. DONE. Feels odd though, first year of college being nearly over. I'm packing up my room - god I have too much stuff. Way too much stuff.

I also need a job. I needd to drop off some more applications, but it's a bit frustrating. *sigh* it's probably mostly my fault. the frustration that is.

Back to RI for a few days. When I'm there [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint, we really need to get together so I can talk to you about something.

Apologies for the shortness. I thought there was more I should say, but I appear to have forgotten it...

Finally, a meme.

From [livejournal.com profile] turbobitch - I've got M

Comment and I shall give you a letter. Go back to your journal and write ten words beginning with that letter, including an explanation what the word means to you and why.

Music - I almost always have some form of this on. I really am not all that fond of silence, though Id'm getting to like it more.
Movies - I'm a movie freak. I'll watch almost anything, though horror is the exception. There's so ddamned much out there, that it's interesting to see how things have changed over time.
Mine! - eerrmm... don't ask.
Manuscripts - Old. Books. Woot! not always, but still I like books that aren't properly printed and bound, but are older and handwritten. They're pretty and I love how they smell. I should note, manuscripts are something I've had little contact with, though I've had a decent amount with old.
Mornings - I'm a mornning person. I don't stay up exceedingly late, but instead wake up at 6 or 6:30 on normally. But at any rate, mornings are nice. They're quiet. The temperature's nice. And they're underrated.
Myths - They're fascinating. There're so many things that you can find as universal themes in different cultures, and it's interesting to see how they can change based on where they're first told.
Macintosh - I don't care what you say, it's superior.
Micron - I'm partial to some pens for the little drawing I do, and Sakura Microns are my favorites. They're on the pricier side, but good for marking up things. Now I want some colored ones...
Meep - It's a universal aound.
Marty - He was the weanling I worked with last semester in one of my classes. He's part of the reason I decided I never want to work in the horse side of the racing industry. But he was such a cute little guy, and I had a really good time with him in the class.
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Seeing as you lot have been listening (eerr...reading) about my Matrix Project multiple times in passing, I think it’s high time I actually gave a good description of it.

Besides, as my friend Jon put it - “If this wasn’t being graded, it would actually be sort of fun.”

There are a few of you who probably don’t know that I’m in Tucson at the University of Arizona for (nearly) one reason. at least that’s how it started. things have changed in the past few months and there’s now quite a bit keeping me here... *grins* That reason happens to be the Racetrack Industry Program. What exactly is it? Best (and easiest) description is that it’s a program for people who want to work in animal racing. Most of us are Thoroughbred people, though there are a few who follow Quarter Horses. I’m not sure if anyone is in Harness or Greyhounds... It’s actually a really good program. The University of Louisville is really the only other school that offers something like it. However, their program is in the College of Business, while UA’s is a part of their College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. We’ve also got the Symposium on Racing and Gaming, which is a several day, very large, conference devoted to just that. this year there were panels on marketing horse racing (I should link the article written by the guy who ran it, he’s stellar), racino design and management, slots, racing surfaces, and many other topics relevant to the industry. I came here thinking I wanted to possibly go into Breeding and Sales, but since getting here I’ve decided I’d be happier working more on the Business side of things - Marketing, Management or something along those lines.

At any rate, one of my classes this semester is Organization and Administration of the Racing Office. Guy teaching it is Doug, former Racing Secretary for several tracks and head of the program (not that that bit’s relevant, but still). It’s a class that’s mostly interesting, but has it’s moments. We’re currently covering stall allocation - which is a topic both interesting and yet sometimes I just want to kill. I swear, giving trainers/horses stalls is both an art and a science. Also covered has been entering horses (we got/get to play around with InCompass,, which is the universal software that keeps track of all horses running, be they Quarter, Standardbred, or what have you. I don’t know about the dogs...

Sparing the Flist. )

And that, people, is the Matrix. Now you’ve a vague idea what I’m rambling about when I say I’ve got to work on it. It’ll take a fair amount of my spare time, but those who care, don’t worry, I can make time for whatever. Besides, I’ll probably welcome the excuse. *grins* (Yes, I’ll be at WOWTBG. Am not planning on missing that.)

In other news, the weekend was nice. Didn’t do all that much besides the work due this week and watch a bunch of movies. I feel sort of bad, as I’m a little out of the Derby loop (*sigh*) and should know more, but at the same time I think it’s an over-hyped load of BS. Yes, I did just type that. The winner (and several other runner) will most likely be retired by the end of either this or next year (aahh yes, the joys of stud). But that’s an argument for another time.
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Quite a nice weekend, if I do say so myself.

1) I got a start on the Matrix Project for Doug's class (did the purse and stall allocation worksheets as well as started on the one involving the number of races being carded). Mercifully, it's a 33 day meet - though I think management is an ass here and the number of races they want me to run are complete BS. I can understand the logic, but carding 11 on a Tuesday (simulacast purposes!) is a bit of a pain. On another bright note, he's not making us try and compete with other tracks for horses - our hypothetical Mid-Western track is the only one for area so we don't need to be worried about conflicting stakes schedules or other tracks taking our horses. We're also carding cheap claimers... Nice, middle of the road track.

Did I mention it's mixed-breed? And I know absolutely nothing about Quarter Horse racing. A small problem, but if I write a number of the same races, I should do just fine. (That's according to John Moss, who looked at what he'd done a few years back and then gave me advice on what he did wrong... I love my department.)

2) With the end of Battlestar Galactica, Friday nights at [livejournal.com profile] avilina's place continued. Stargate - The Director's Cut was on, but I think I spent more time talking and such than actually watching it. Heh. I think when this semester ends (or maybe before, as things are settling down) I'd like to find something good to do with my hands craft-wise. And trim is so damned pretty...

3) Tagged along when [livejournal.com profile] domnall went to Nico's and played World of Warcraft: The Board Game. Quite fun. Especially considering that I had absolutely no idea what I was doing when I started. Didn't take long to get the hang of it though. Next time? I intend on taking full advantage of tha hack-and-slasher I was playing and kill more. Errmm, yay!?

4) Bought Dad's Birthday present. When the first two ideas fell though (#1 because I totally forgot to order it in time and I like to give things on time was too busy to order it #2 because I found out he'd seen it), I went out to Barnes and Noble and bought a book by an author he quite likes. And the new(est) Paul Theroux? It's a gorram book of fiction - why couldn't I find it? *glares* Ended up getting him In the House of the False Lama. Looks interesting and I may borrow it myself when I get. the. time. to. read.

Then of course - this week involves:

1) Death Cab for Cutie/Franz Ferdinand concert tonight. Yay!!

2) Need to print out the English paper due later today... Grr... I have come to the conclusion that the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the involvement of children in armed conflict is a load of BS. It's nice and makes the world think you give a damn, but when you read it and see who's signed/ratified the document, you realize that the countries where it exists? Yeah... Not happening.

And children in armed conflict isn't even my pet international issue. The Freedom of Tibet is...

3) Indv101 paper. Because economic development of India is so damned fascinating.

4) More Matrix work. I shall finish the worksheets and start writing the races this week. My stakes calendar will be a thing of great beauty. (Actually maybe not, but it shall be logical and sane and all will be happy.)

5) Looking at possible places for this summer/next year. I found a cheap guesthouse/cottage a few blocks from the University. (And within what I'd consider walking distance, albeit one that's a bit of a hike.) Downside? It's month-to-month (and no set lease near as far as I can tell), but it's cheap and if I end up liking it, I may just jump on the place... I guess we'll just have to see.


Mar. 21st, 2006 05:11 pm
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Presentation/Interview/Practical for Wendy's class went rather well.

Thank god.

Not perfect, but still overall good. Besides, I was one of the first people to do it. (My logic? Get the damned thing out of the way.) Then I had a mid-term "excercise" as well. Not as brutal as people who took the class in past years said it would be, but *shrug*. It's now over.

I have absolutely nothing due for the rest of the week. Means I shall get started on stuff due next week.


Other than that, nothing much. There was Baronial stuff this weekend, and Whiskey Bards at the Frog and Firkin on Friday night. Apart from Sunday's weather (I think my feet are still defrosting...), it was quite a good weekend.

Now I'm off, as I have a few things to do.
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Back to the grindstone...

On a brighter side - about half the stuff I thought was due this week is in fact due in the next few weeks. So things aren't quite as chaotic as I thought they were.


Hard to believe I have about half a semester left of my first year of college. I still need to get a place to live for this summer/next year. I think things should end up working out quite nicely there. I intend on staying here for a number of reasons, though I'll go back for a week or so to make sure that my family in New England knows I'm alive and well.

Besides, I could only deal with sleeping on the couch for about a week or so...

Lots of nice Baronial stuff this past weekend. I was only able to make a few hours on Saturday (the day where the weather was actually nice), but I stayed the entire time on Sunday. Quite fun, and for those who care, I've got a few pictures...

Tonight I'm spending the night down at work. We've got a new foal, Pickle (she was born about a week ago). However, her mother died, and so she's an orphan. As a result, she needs to be fed and people are taking shifts and doing them whenever they can. She needs to be fed every three hours, and so I'll end up with lots of time to do more school-work. Mixed-bag (up all night, but it'll make me do my school-work), but it'll be good for me.

And to finish up, I shall provide Pickle photos.

Orphaned foal cuteness )

ETA: Tonight shall be spent in my own bed as Laura (boss) just called and told me that one of the mares is due, and so there will be students out there on foal watch. So she's pressing them into service as they'll be there all night anyway.
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That's right.


Exchanged my Friday evening shift for Monday morning. The only downside to the switch being that well, I need to be there at 6 in the morning. So I set my alarm for 5, and all was good.

Get there. Feed the horses. Clean stalls. Come back. Back in room at 8:30, 3 hours after I left.

Now however, I can just keel back and relax. On the agenda for today we have school-work and such. Woot! And that's how most of the break is looking to boot. The big things are my Matrix Project (create a condition book for an entire meet, for Doug's Racing Office class) and my English paper (on the use of children in African armed conflicts).

Actually, I complain too much. It's really not all that bad when I think about it - I'm not completely swamped, and I can do lots of it in bits and pieces. Besides, I have other things to look forward to, such as dinner tomorrow night with friends from RI.

I should also note that there was frost on the hay-truck and my hands have passed the "we're freezing" stage and moved onto the "let's burn, though we'll stay a little stiff just to spite you" stage.


I need a just-shy-of-scalding-hot shower now.
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And Spring Break starts in a week?

Something is wrong here.

Things have been mostly - quiet, for lack of a better word. There're several foals at work - yes, yes, you'll get pictures of them when I get around to it. Life and the normal parts of it are moving along at, for the most part, their usual pace. Time however, seems vastly speeded up. Not that I'm really complaining, mind you. *grin*

Plans for break? School work (oh shut up), garb stuff, and extensive movie watching with a friend or two.

And by the way - excuse the lack of cohesiveness. I slept for about three hours last night. I'm fully prepared to blame my east-facing room for that fact, even if there is a large building blocking most of the light.
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My day started out just fine, if one doesn't count the little memory-lapse before my Language class.


After that, it perked up when I saw some St. Felix-ites at the Club Fair. Yes, that made me perk up rather nicely.

Then, Nikki and I went to the Racing Program offices. The initial reason was for Nikki to complain about how under-represented we were at the Club Fair and how we're not known on campus. That turned into a long talk about marketing and how we can get other interested. Specifically, college students. However, the problem is that we need to do this without getting the gambling aspect involved. As that is something that raises massive issues and the Admin. seriously frown upon. Even though horse racing is legal sports betting, apparently UA has massive amounts of money bet illegally on sports. It's one of the biggest schools gambling-wise.

This lack of gambling poses problems, the first and foremost being that gambling's one of the main draws for the sport. So what we're trying to do is get people in and try to leave that one aspect out.


*rubs hands in anticipation of the challenge*
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Classes start again today.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to it all.



Jan. 5th, 2006 11:37 am
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Back home in Tucson.

Feels rather nice, it does.

The trip back wasn't that bad. Both flights were running early, which was a nice change from the delays I got on the way to Providence. However, from Providence to Kansas City I was cursed blessed with wailing children in the front of the plane. They quited down for about an hour in the middle of the flight, but it was particularly bad at the beginning and the end. Twins - probably about two or three years old (please note, i suck at estimating age). And they wailed. The. Entire. Time. I pity the flight attendents. Kansas City to Phoenix was nice, a relatively quiet flight. (Though sadly, no flight attendent like the one from Nashville to Providence when I headed back-the guy was very funny whenever he made an announcement. Safety features have never had me giggling more. *sigh*)

Two and a half weeks back in RI was good - I got a decent amount of stuff done and had, for the most part, a good time. I saw [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint (which was great), [livejournal.com profile] logopandocie282, and various other people who needed to be seen. In theatres, I saw Syriana, King Kong, and Narnia (again). I read lots - the newest Company book., finally finished Angela Carter's The War of Dreams, also called The Infernal Desire Machines of Doctor Hoffman, Midshipwizard Halcyon Blithe, and picked up a copy of Jonathon Strange and Mr. Norrell for a dollar at the library's bookstore *squee!*.

I also played waaay too much AdventureQuest

I've also got a dress almost finished for Estrella next month. *bounces* For my first attempt, it's not that shabby, if I say so myself. I just need to hem it and it's all done. Photos will be posted as soon as I finish and steal dad's camera.

Until I move back into my room on Saturday, I'm holing up with dad. Which is nice. Classes start next week, and I'm back at work today. The parrot is next to me making happy little sounds. MIssed the big guy. He's a little sweetheart, and his sounds are rather adorable. Dad's got a little video of him out on the patio, and if I can figure it out how, I'll post it. Silly little boy.

Went to dinner last night at Zemam's. It's an Ethiopian place. The way Ethiopian works (if you've never had it) is they serve the food on a platter and give you a tortilla/tsampa like bread to eat it with. The food's pretty simple, but very good. It was actually nice to go to a place that just had dinner - no appetizers, desserts, etc. Just dinner and some drinks. It's down on Broadway, and for those in Tucson, I highly recommend it.

By the way - "The Rolling Stones would be too old to watch their own Super Bowl performance, organisers have ruled."
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First semester of college.


I go back to Rhode Island on Sunday.

I feel like I should have more to say - but right now I sort of don't. I'm just glad to have everything done, and now I can sit back and wait for the grades to come in. Just feels good, damn it.

*happy willa*
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My last final is tomorrow at 2 - Introductory Horse Science. I'm sort of worried, but a part of me is also beyond caring. I think I'll be alright... i hope i'll be alright Then give me a few days, and I'll be back in warm, sunny Rhode Island.

Oh joy.

Actually, there are people I want to see, so all will be good. [livejournal.com profile] lightpoint, we must get together. And I will most certainly be seeing you [livejournal.com profile] logopandocie282.

All things considered, this has been a good semester. Grade-wise, not spectacular, but I'm labelling it "transition" and leaving it at that. Not just the whole "first semester of college," but also some personal changes as well. Sure, they may not seem that big, but they certainly were to me. Dad moved out here, and that was, in it's own way, a major change for me. I'm in no way griping about this, mind you, simply still sort-of processing the whole thing. *grins*

I still have a few things I want to do before I leave - my Christmas shopping is done (except for dad), but I've decided I want to pick up something small for Mark and David. I also lack photos, so I want to take some before I go back. Remind me of the mountains I'm going to miss.

And now, I shall head off. Night all!
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Finals start in just over a week. o_O

Technically, I've already started them - the written part of my Weanling is done, and I've started on my practical part for that final. Little bastard decided he didn't want to hold up his hind leg for me and to try and bite me.

I've decided this first semester I'm going to be happy with a nice solid 2.75 GPA. Actually, I've decided I don't give much of a damn about my GPA, as next semester's going to raise it. I won't have Schurg, Weans, or my shracking English class.

A part of me is very "you're just a lazy girl who could do better and should" and another part says that this is my first semester and therefore counts as adjustment. I'm leaning more towards agreeing with that second internal voice...

Let's just get through finals and jump off the next bridge when we come to it, shall we?
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Right-o, am in the process of re-doing the layout of this journal. I like it and all, but I'm sort of tired of it.

Part of that process is that I'm determined to create my own mood theme. Which is turning out to be a bit more well, time-consuming, than I had originally thought. Of course, Brotherhood of the Wolf, while it's got most of the images needed, seems to lack a good one for a few... (did I mention I intend on doing a full theme? With seperate images for everything?)

In the meantime, I'm using [livejournal.com profile] pixelbee's Classical Art theme.

So, let's see, what have I been up to? School, mainly. Finals are in about two weeks (eek!), and so I'm gearing up for those. I"ve got papers and stuff to do, which keeps me busy. Not to mention work, which is going along swimmingly.

The Racetrack Program's Symposium is in two weeks, which will keep me busy for a week. There are several panels I want to go to, including Racino Design, a Racing and Gaming Idea Forum, and one on Handling Negative Publicity and Crisis Communication. AS there's a mentor lunch as well, I've been paired up with the Promotions Manager at Del Mar. Who I've been reliably told is a very nice man. Woot! That'll be interesting. Seeing as it's an event I need something semi-nice for, I braved the mall yesterday and bought two pairs of pants. May I officially say I love Banana Republic's Martin-fit pants? They look good and are damned comfortable. got them in black, and at Macy's a dark brown pair of with dark pink pin-stripes. I have enough button-down shirts, so I don't need any. Which is nice. Thank you Portsmouth Abbey dress code. I'll miss a day of classes for that, as I'm going up Tuesday after class, and crashing there for two nights, meaning I miss Wednesday classes. However, Weans will be over, and I don't really give a damn about Trad or Math. Thursday's Dead Day, so that doesn't matter either. And that Thursday night I'm going to Narnia. *ohmygodsqueee!* I'm really looking forwad to that. (Two or three panels during the day and then a midnight movie showing...)

Flight home is booked. It'll be nice to see my friends and such. The snow and cold? Eehh, not looking forward to that so much.

okay, maybe a little...
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A happy Willa.

And by that, we mean one with a three-day weekend. And a roommate out of town for the weekend. not that i don't love her to bits, but it's nice to have the room to myself for a little bit.


I had an entry all planned out. (Sort of.) Of course, in typical form, all text has decided it would be fun to abandon ship. Lovely.

At any rate, I have spent today doing nothing. Well, actually, that's not true. I've just spent it doing nothing school related. I've spent most of it looking through Viking sites for information on their dress. Figured I might as well get an idea of what I'm looking at when I knucke down (translation: getting access to a sewing machine) and start making garb. I've got a short chemise and a skirt, which will not be enough for Estrella War.

Besides, it gives me an excuse to look at beads and brooches... *looks innocent*

Did I mention I found a place with directions for felt boots?

So, flight has been booked back to Rhode Island for Christmas Break. I'll be there for about two and a half weeks. Which seems, I don't know, odd? But I think I actually sort of miss the cold they're getting there. It'll be nice to see snow. (Iz was right.) watch me eat those words as soon as i step off the plane

Classes have been keeping me busy (obviously), but they're winding down. I've registered for next semester, but I'm fully going to jump off that bridge when I come to it.
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Pretty much nobody's out on the Mall, and the Student Union is quiet. I've got coffee, and Philip Glass Opera.

Mid-terms have finished (not like I really had any...), but it's not like there's anything less to do. Still the cycle of classes, work, homework, and such. Register for classesin about two weeks (woot!).

The hunt for an apartment has started - looks like I'm going to be here over the summer. *grin*

And now I shall putter off, as the sun is hitting my screen in such a way that I can't see.
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Yeah, yeah, yeah... I’ve been abandoning you all.

It it a bad sign that for the past couple days I’ve been telling myself I should really update my LJ...? *looks at Erin and glares*

At any rate, here I am.

With little to say.

Go figure.

Those of you who’ve spoken to me on AIM have been hearing the on-going saga of Marrty, my the weanling I’m working with in one of my classes. He’s a sweetheart and I really need to get pictures of him for everyone to see. The little guy is growing up quite rapidly. And I sound like a proud parent when I talk about him. Most of the time... little guy is getting a bit studdish at times. Though that’ll be remedied soon.

Finally got around to joining the SCA. The school's group, that is. A bunch of slightly odd medieval (and renaissance) reenactors is what they are, at the most basic. They also cover a number of other cultures from the same time. If the people of Europe had contact with them (so mainly eastern cultures), chances are they’re covered. I’ve not been around long, but I feel like I have. Nice, welcoming bunch.

Also looks like I know what I’ll be doing when I go home for Christmas, where there’s a sewing machine (which I intend to swipe)...

Very nice out here, though it’s cooling off. Talked to dad the other night, who said in Newport it’s cold and wet. Here, it’s cool and dry. Makes me sort of happy, as the temp, while cool, is pretty close to what I like. Makes a change from the heat we’ve been having and makes work a bit more enjoyable.

After the little stress-attack last week, I feel better. Time to sit back and think about what I’m enjoying here is a good thing. I’m thoroughly enjoying the time away from my various family members and haven’t spoken to anyone other my parents, my sister, and a few friends in several weeks. Aahhh... *relaxed sigh* The lack of them around is doing wonders overall for my sanity. I know a few of them have (or found) the address of this journal, but anything I really want to keep away from them/personal chaos is locked, and so I don’t really care. Though my little sister commented that she’s learned more about me and my life from my blog then when I talk to her. Eerrr... yeah.

Also- November is the Music Issue of Vanity Fair, which equals, usually, a massive Woot!! from Willa. This month however, the cover is “graced” by Beyonce, and the portfolio is Hip-Hip. *is not amused* I want teh pretty fold-out covers of the past few years and a varied portfolio. Now, some of the pics are pretty damned nice, and so I’m not going to complain on that front, but still... It’s made up for by The List - Sheryl Crow’s top 25 Road Trip Albums. The woman has very good taste. Some Stones, Dylan (Highway 61 Revistied and Nashville Skyline), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Beck, Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs, and some other stuff. Yep, it’s all good.

And now, I must flee, as English calls. I officially hate 9/10 of what I’ve written in the class.

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I've just been really, really busy.

School work keeps me more and more busy as time goes on. It's not bad to be busy, at all, and I don't feel swamped yet. I think they key word there is swamped.

Went out last night and grabbed some ice cream with Jon - fellow Racetrack Industry Program (RTIP hereafter, as the full name is annoying to constantly write out) person. Two for one coupons rock. After that, we went over to the school's 16 in. telescope and looked at stars and planets and galaxies and nebulas. Nothing makes you feel insignificant like seeing something 2 million light years away. The guy who runs the telescopewas really nice and knew all sorts of interesting information. Very fun to talk to. We're going to have to go back another night, when the stadium's lights aren't on, and look again.

I'm working down at the school's farm. Which is fun, if hard, work. Not to mention interesting. I got to see an aborted fetus about two weeks ago. Cool.

And now, I must run, as Jon is here and will show me mule racing online.

Didn't even know it existed...


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