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At some point, I should probably talk religion. I was, for the most part, raised Roman Catholic. Attended a private, catholic, school for high school (and some of my elementary years). However, as time progressed, I moved away from the Catholic Church. To this day, I do not quite categorize myself as being anything in particular. However, in part influenced by my father, I have a strong interest in Buddhism. I certainly should devote a bit more time to reading up on it, as it's been long enough...

This brings us to the following:

Until the 15th of March, there is a Kalachakra Sand Mandala in the UA Bookstore.

For those who don't know, sand mandalas are made and then destroyed/dispersed. As an artistic/meditative form, they can be seen as very important to Buddhism. They are intended to be completely temporary. One of my all-time favorite depictions is, cliche though it may be, from the opening credits of Kundun. And here they are...

Kalachakra is the wheel of time. Wikipedia's definition is not bad.

Since I'm thinking visual media, there's a Herzog documentary on the subject of the initiation, this one in Switzerland.

Dissolution is on Sunday at 11:30. Made, and will be dispersed, by Venerable Losang Samten.

If you can find the time to just stop by and see it - I highly recommend that you do. It's put on the Arizona Friends of Tibet.


Sep. 19th, 2005 09:36 pm
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First off, let me do a fangirl squee.


I saw the Dalai Lama today. Which was just... wow.

He talked about how peace can be achieved in the modern world-how we need both internal and external peace. And the internal leads to the external. It was something else, it really was. He's an amazing man-completely and utterly. So open, so genuine, so happy. You couldn't help but smile as he talked, and feel good after he finished.

It's funny here, I've changed, but not. No parental units here mean that I've felt a bit more free, willing to try stuff, and meet more people. Andrea (my roommate) is really fun, and so that's great. I feel really loose around her, and she's introducing me to more music and some other stuff. Totally not the type of person I'd have imagined as a friend a few months ago, but she so is.

On the class end of things-I'm busy. Really busy. English keeps me drowned in work... and Horse Science is a bit of a bitch. My Trad class is a bit of an annoyance, as the Prof gets her mythology wrong at times. and we were doing "ancient animals" (dragon, unicorn, etc) today, and stuff was off. i finally got up the nerve/courage to mention it to her and she shrugged it off. said it was "just for fun." damn it, if you're going to mention pernese dragons, get them right for chrissakes. *sigh* Math I could probably sleep through and still do well. Weanlings is a load of fun-even if Marty's been a bit of a bastard lately. I still got a 46/50 on my quiz/practical-which made me feel really good.

Yep-life here is good, if tough. I've got a job at the school's Agriculture Center (aka The Farm). I clean stalls and feed horses for minimum wage. Woot!

Still though, I like it very much.


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