Feb. 2nd, 2007 09:29 pm
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Please explain why there arre two bead shows in town currrently (I"m not counting Gem and Mineral), and the vendors I want to hit are at seperate shows?

Arrrow Springs is at Best Bead - I want glass rods and some lampwork tools so I can get back and play with the torch. (There was an accident with some of the glass a while back...)

Anil Kumar, Suraj International, and the San Francisco Bead Company are at Whole Bead - Silver, Indian, and good seed beads are on the other side of town. There's also the people who sell beautiful Afghani things.

And Estrella War is in two weeks. Where there are several classes I intend on taking.

The universe! It hates me!

and once again, i'm having problems with the riheaa... the money which should be here by now isn't. and they're not helpful at all.
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'Tis been an eventful week.

The Whole Bead Show is in town. This is a dangerous time for me, as I am more than willing to unleash myself upon it armed with a trusty credit card. Lots of pretty things (bought earrings and a necklace, photos forthcoming) and many, many beads. I got some very nice horn ones and lots of crystal and glass, as well as seed beads. Most of them I'll be splitting with my mother (which is a good thing), and a few I'll be keeping totally for myself. I didn't find amber, as I'd been hoping, but the Gem and Mineral show is going on as well, and a friend of mine is on the lookout for me.

There was a wonderful selection there, and great prices. "Buy one, get one free" and "50% off" are my best friends. everything from lucite (and I half-wish I had a good use for it, as some was very nice) to antique Afghani beads (*sniff* $300 for the strand wasn't about to happen for me). Lots of silver (dangerous, as they sell it by gram, and it's easy to forget that). I wish I could have afforded some of the semi-precious stuff that was up for sale, but I half to remember that Estrella is coming up, and I need want money for that. And spending lots and lots of money at Whole Bead is not going to be good for then.

The first mare at work is due next week! *is excited* I'd like to go on foal watch at some point during the semester, so I can experience it. Not because I'll get to experience "the miracle of life" or any bull like that, but because I've never done it. And it should be interesting.

I need to talk to my orthodontist, as my braces keep catching on my cheek. Which is annoying. And painful. I've got wax, and I can use that to cover up the area, but it's a hassle!

Also, my shoulders are one giant knot. Hot shower helped to loosen them, but they still hurt.

Music for you lot - King's Crossing - Elliott Smith


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