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Currently home early as everyone else (all 2 people right now) needed to leave at 1:30. Such is life.

Weekend was nicely productive, in it's own way. Didn't end up seeing Gonzo, but *shrug* The best bit was we got into a lovely amount of trouble at Williams-Sonoma. Lots of new baking items, some other stuff (such as glass bowls and a number of KitchenAid attachments. Oh yes, a roasting pan - turducken here I come!).

We also hit 17th Street, which was (as usual) successful. Bought lamb and some tamarind curry - not for the same recipe, I should add. Lamb is one of my all-time favorite meats, and I'm always pleased to have an excuse to cook it. In this case, it was [livejournal.com profile] avilina and [livejournal.com profile] taranos over for dinner and the initial use of the tagine. Mmm... lamb and onions and garlic and corriander (which may be one of my new favorite spices).

The tamarind curry is something else. A while ago, I happened to be there and pick up a container of a tikki masala simmer sauce. Just add meat, simmer, and you're good. Figured it'd be tasty for the times when I just wasn't feeling fully up to cooking. It was - exceedingly so. So, the next time we were there, picked up the coconut curry - which was fed to my father the last time he came over for dinner. Quite tasty, we had it with rice, peas, and lamb. (Did I mention my deep love of lamb?) The brand is Maya Kaimal, if anyone's interested. It could be argued it's a bit expensive ($6.50 for 15 oz) but the sauces are tasty, really easy, and the ingredients fall into "no unpronouncable or unrecognizable things". (In the case of the tamarind curry: onion, all natural coconut milk, tomato puree, water, vegetable oil, ginger, spices, garlic, salt, brown mustard seeds, tamarind, green chili, fresh curry leaves, and turmeric.)

Side note, Judi Dench as M is love.
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Williams-Sonoma, as I have said before, is like crack to me.

I do not however, give King Arthur Flour enough credit. Just got the catalogue, and can see (at first look) several things I wouldn't mind having at all...

Also, finally we picked up Watchmen.
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Well, did one pair of cheesecakes last night. Something went a bit wonky, and I'm going to need to play around a bit - the centers aren't entirely cooked. Hmmm...

Need to pick up el-cheapo platters for them this evening. Also need to finish sewing some trim on a tunic of the boy's.

With the site opening for A&S moved to 9, I can get up and bake the bread, which means fresh bread! Which was, in part, a concern of mine. I stumbled across a recipe on Gode Cookery a bit back which is quite similar to my sourdough - boo ya! It's from a 15th century Italian book.


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