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So, it's clearly been a long while since I updated this list. I've finished all the Robin McKinley I own

3. The Hero and the Crown by Robin McKinley.

Aerin! Luthe! Talat! Damar! Aerin! no, i don't love it... no, not at all... *grin*

4. The Blue Sword - Robin McKinley.

And here we have Harry. And a mountain. I love this world (Damar), and while I'd love her to write more in it - McKinley's been pretty adamant on her blog that it likely won't happen. She's right in that her writing has changed over the years - themes, style, etc - and no matter what, these will always hold a special place in my heart. Honestly fans - be happy with what you have, don't torment the author about what you want.

5. Deerskin - Robin McKinley.

Retelling of Donkeyskin (without the money-producing ass I remember from Lang). Similar tale is the Many-Furred Creature. and i'm blanking on the aarne-thompson classification. i used to know some of them, and this was one. hrmmm Book about the standard themes of growing up, womanhood, love, etc. Damned good though. it's probably worth warning anyone who hasn't read it and isn't familiar with the source material - the rape scene can probably be considered rather graphic.

6. Sunshine - Robin McKinley.

More recent McKinley (2003). It involves vampires and a baker. Not nearly as corny as it may sound, my copy is well-loved and dog-eared. This is an honor that likely only belongs also to Good Omens, which I had to recently replace because of it.

7. Rose Daughter - Robin McKinley

Beauty and the Beast. Prefer it to the earlier Beauty, as it's more... fulfilling.

8. Beauty - Robin McKinley

Earlier version of Beauty and the Beast - one of her first books I think. Not bad, but not my favorite. That honor, as I've said before, belongs to Angela Carter's The Tiger's Bride.

Note - I am willing to concede part of my weakness for Carter's may be the last lines, which begin "And each stroke of his tongue ripped off skin after successive skin, all the skins of a life in the world, and left behind a nascent patina of shining hairs."

9. Medalon - Jennifer Fallon

Hrmmm.... interesting world. This is the first in a trilogy (Hythrun Chronicles, and I just found my copies of Treason Keep and Harshini) about a young woman created to destroy a god. Life gets interesting when said young woman when you consider how she was raised... Certain parts cause a minor twitch, but overall enjoyable.

Currently, I'm working on finishing up books I have half-read. This includes the infamous NorsePunk All The Windwracked Stars, which I started from the beginning again just to read the aftermath of (what is assumed to be) Ragnarok and the transformation of Kasimir. She's got a portion of the prologue over here. I fully admit to having a weakness for grandiose statements such as You are not so fallen as you think, and I am the coming Age of the World.

Also have The Far Traveler and Ghost Train To the Eastern Star partially finished. I'd add Animal, Vegetable, Miracle to the list, but I've decided I can only take her in smallish doses as she seems to be inciting ragey!Willa bits...

Right, back to more mundane things. With only two classes today - from 2 to 4:45, I'm currently debating just hitting the library, pulling the damned Mapplethorpe stuff and going home and tidying up a little bit, then relaxing. (Good paper topic, Willa... *mutters* take one of the most written about photographers and chose to write about what no one writes about.)
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In no particular order

1) The Great Railway Bazaar by Paul Theroux.

I honestly can't believe it took me this long to read it. Very good travelogue. I've got the successor, Ghost Train to the Eastern Star sitting next in the pile.

2) Spindle's End by Robin McKinley.

What can I say, I finally got around to adding her feed to my lj, and am on a subsequent kick. I haven't gotten her latest yet, but I fully intend to read all the books of hers I've got on hand...

Also, it's official. I've tried to watch the David Lynch Dune. Important word there: tried.

We'll get back to that.


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