Nov. 11th, 2013


Nov. 11th, 2013 02:12 pm
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Southern was... really good.

It involved teaching my first class, getting properly apprenticed (which means the 'one of us' jokes have begun), generally lazing about Hrafnheim, and chatting with various people about various things.
It was, well, kind of needed and pretty awesome to just totally relax.

Of course, then I came back and lost the bag I use as a purse. Of course, only thing in it was my keychain and the only important keys on there are the house keys, so it's alright for now.

Considering today and tomorrow are all for laundry and I *know* I saw it when I was unpacking... it'll turn up, I'm sure.

I've got time and the brains (mostly) now to start working on more clothing for us. I've got a few better ideas at the moment of things that I want, and want to do, and it's overall going to work out nicely, I think.

However, I definitely need to source out wool. I need some for a plan...

Otherwise, it's been mostly good. The last few months have been pretty chaotic with work and a few bits of personal madness. But I'm now on a 4x10, and getting off work at 8 pm - with Saturday off! - which makes things much easier. The personal stuff, well, it's a long process, but I think that it may be getting under control. There's things that we're planning/working on to help. As an added bonus, I'm going up to Phoenix on Saturday with my dad (as Ryan's in Austin) to, ummm, meet a pair of pugs.


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