Sep. 10th, 2013

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PAX is over. Crown is over.

I'm fucking drained.

This shows in more than a few things. For example, friends came over on Friday night to kidnap Ryan. (It was his birthday. I was working until 9.30 pm.) I apologized, because the house right now is a mess. Like, not total sty, but it seems to be getting there.

Chatted after with Icka, and she pointed out that the house is sort of a reflection of the mind. Mine's been either completely and utterly shut down or running on what feels like pure stress. It's not fun, and it's absolutely desperately a habit I need to break. Or something like that.

Needless to say, my dad came over to do laundry on Sunday, and we got to go through another round of talking about the house. When Ryan came home, there was another round of it, once I managed to get my head out of my ass and calm the fuck down. (It had been a bad day, and I wasn't in a good state at all...) Nonetheless, the final result of all that was that there's a clean (mostly) living room and a plan for the rest of the house.

This eases my mind and has certainly made some things better.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. I've got some projects I need/want to work on, and should probably get started. Scrolls are languishing in my case, but I've had no desire to paint any of them right now.

To finish things off, tonight I decided I could definitely get the warp off the board for the trim Ryan was making me to put on a bag for Knight Light. I swear, I followed the instructions, found video, and it still fecking failed. I'm not 100% sure where, but it did. Luckily, it's salvageable, if I put it onto another loom and do it very slowly. Just means it won't be for Knight Light.

Well, someone will get a nice new tunic with it, I've decided.

It's also likely a good sign I need sleep.


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