Apr. 25th, 2013

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So things are actually going pretty well. Felt lousy for a couple days - resulting in some sick time taken from work - but Ryan and decided it probably had mostly to do with the fact that I take lousy care of myself and it finally caught up with me. (Let's not go into the details, beyond to say that I should know better by now.)

Consequently, I've had a few unexpected days off. It means I've gotten a large chunk of new clothing done for Coronation (yay!) and most of what's left is handwork. Since I can easily just plow through that at work, while I'm on the phone, it's lifted quite a bit of worry/stress off me. Still need to get things done for A&S, but I'm working on revisions/additions for the research paper, and my naalbinding is no longer at the let's kill someone over the lack of info, ok? stage.

Speaking of work, looks like this month is on a definite upswing. My surveys aren't horrible and I've gotten some very good work done. It's a bit of a relief, all things considered, to hopefully have the bad times behind me. They've come back to haunt me in my new schedule, but have been working things out/plans with Ryan and it's going to be alright. Having swapped the Saturday for a teammate's Sunday also goes a long way - means that my days off are Thursday through Saturday and I'll be able to go to more events. This will also relieve a bunch of tension/stress, because getting out and doing things are necessary.

Otherwise, personal life is ok. Ryan and I have started going to the gym again, just a few times a week, and we're also redoing/managing diet stuff. I actually just got my hair cut today for the first time in a long while, and actually went with a fairly drastic (for me) change. It's now noticeably shorter. I told the woman 'no shorter than a bit below my chin, I don't want to have to do much (read anything) for it to look decent, and otherwise, just do whatever.' The end result is definitely something I can live with and makes me look a bit more... I don't know, like I care a bit more?

In short, life is good and I am happy right now. Woo!


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