Mar. 8th, 2013

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Got the time off for Pennsic! It's unpaid, and required a bit of finagling. Plus a 'this is a one-time thing' lecture I was completely and utterly alright with. Just means that I'll be looking for overtime between now and then, but I've got more than a few months. Then I get to plan for PAX and get that time in.

I'm kind of excited, as this is the first out of kingdom war I'll have been to. Luckily, I think we're in a pretty good place overall, and it shouldn't require too much insanity in terms of preparation.

(Granted, will then get to figure out logistics of getting stuff there and getting us there. And camping. But I can make inquiries a bit on, when I've an idea more of who's going and what plans are for others.)

Otherwise, stuff goes really well. After an abysmal series of months for surveys, I managed last month to end it at 100%. Then promptly got one survey this month with someone unhappy that I didn't do what they want. But it's early, and I can make up for it, I'm sure.

In short, I'm really happy right now. I've got linen scattered across the floor waiting to be sorted (pulled it all out to look at what we have), ordered a new iron and a dress form, and am actually doodling again.


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