Feb. 17th, 2013

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After a few days of chaos and agony (oh yeah, and sickness), I seem to have hit a sort of groove. This is a relief, mostly because I'm in one of those moods where all I can think of is 'oh god, so much to do!'

But it's not as much as I anticipated, when I put it down on paper.

Everything for war will get done. At the moment, I've got the following left:

-finish purple tunic (new gores, neck, sleeves, hem)
-finish white tunic (hem)
-make yellow tunic (including cutting out blue bands from other tunic)

-finish documentation (tightening up research, finishing the production)
-make goat curry (likely this week on a day off)

Plus, I'm starting to get things together for at the least Baronial A&S (though Ryan's pushing me towards Kingdom as well). I have a few ideas floating about in my head, including at least one research paper. It's still a few months out, but it's something to plan.

Let's see... Otherwise, stuff is going well. Work's on a definite upswing, which is good. See, I've had a few months of consistently bad surveys, which when you know you're doing pretty damned good sucks. It was nice hearing my manager say 'you really are doing pretty well. I can't understand what's happening.' Validation, if you will.

Oh yes, and two people I am very, very, fond of will be the next Crown of Atenveldt. I'm absolutely thrilled for them - they'll be awesome and it shall be a very good reign.


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