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Well, 2014 is nearly upon us. It feels pretty strange, but I’m not complaining.

2013 was really good overall, despite the usual mental chaos.
-Work was overall really good. It was bit nuts, but I got moved to chat support as part of our pilot program for the method of support, but I’m pretty content there. I’m actually not doing all that bad.
-SCA was good. We went to Pennsic for the first time, which was awesome. I won Baronial Arts and Sciences (then dropped off the face of the earth, it feels like. Really, work got strange).
-We adopted a pair of pugs. They’re excellent little dogs and we love them to bits

The fact that I’ve got a pile of books but don’t read nearly as much as I should probably stands testament to exactly how fecked up the mental state has been at times.

2014, well, I’m trying to be realistic. In no particular order...
—Continue sorting myself out. This generally means I'd like to work on getting in better health - physically and mentally.
—Make things. I’m not 100% sure what I’ll be making, just that I need to.
—Bake. Gods, I need to bake. Maybe this year I’ll tackle puff pastry, and then I’ll never feel the urge again. Or phyllo. (Ryan suggest puff. and confirmed it’s because I’m more likely to want to make/use puff a second time.)
—Work harder/more on my SCA kit (and Ryan’s)
-Tackle that book pile.

I look forward to it. We're planning on it being a bit more low-key than last year (less travel, for one), but it's going to involve a nice amount of putting things in place, I think. Overall, I think I'm going to be happy.
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