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ryan's coming back from texas today - he, dan, and chris went out there last week for the formula one race. i gather that a really good time was had by all. nonetheless, it's going to be really good to see him again.

while he's been out of town, life's been pretty quiet. it's calm and not too crazy, but it's been weird not having him around. there's been small bits of cleaning, and i've done scads of laundry that needed to be done (though i still need to hang up some of it. oops.)

today, dad came over to do laundry, and there was a chunk of cleaning done. by cleaning, however, i mean we got rid of a chunk of things in the arizona room, i freaked out a little, and then after he left i moved things to the alley and called the city to get a special brush and bulky cleanup because i'm not letting it sit in aforementioned alley (or the backyard) until the 9th.

then i called mike again about getting the yards destroyed by his landscaping crew. wooo!

best of all, however, was the fact that dad and i drove up to phoenix on saturday to meet a pair of pugs that we're thinking of adopting. brother and sister, they're a bonded pair who just turned 7. one fawn, one black. very friendly, good with kids and other dogs, they like car rides and adventures. medically, the boy needs eyedrops twice a day and the 'allergies' that are mentioned on aparn's site have been nonexistant since switching to grain-free food. their current foster mother has had them for two months (they spent over a year with the previous foster family and i gather it wasn't good for them in the end) and they've been awesome the whole time. got the home inspection on thursday, which should go well (library and craft room shall be declared off limits to pugs for the time being), at least i hope.

one of our good friends commented recently how when she comes to our place, she looks down, expecting dogs. while we're not actually looking for them, it's been one of those things where it sort of feels right. like it might be about time. this pair, well, it's been one of those things that it just seems like they've been waiting for us.

hopefully soon.
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