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This was the type of weekend that was needed. Pretty much spent it quietly and being semi-useless. Got some SCA work done today, though, which was good.

Generally spent Thursday running some errands, and then picked up Bioshock Infinite. Which I spent a good chunk of Thursday night through Saturday afternoon playing. It's enjoyable and I'm not driving myself up the wall with it. Both of these are very good things for me.

Saturday we ended up not driving to Prescott and the event, for a few reasons. First was that we ended up needing the day to ourselves. The second was that Ryan jacked up his back at boxing on Wednesday night and generally was feeling rather blah. It ended up being a day where we hit Star Trek up (very, very, fun) and then had dinner at Hub (cocktails, food, ice cream!).

This week's looking to be quiet and calm, which is good. I'll probably get to work on some projects, or read some. I definitely should get the nomads started.

Have Friday night off with no gaming, and even though we're hitting Phoenix Comiccon on Saturday, thinking of checking to see if anyone feels like anything. ([livejournal.com profile] raventhourne, you possibly game?)


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